Every week I am going to ask the members of the 434 facebook page for a few questions and I am going to give my answer, review and insight.  I’ll handpick a few each week, so if you want yours answered make it interesting!

Question: Could Kane joining the Wyatt Family rival his work with Daniel Bryan & Team Hell No?
Answer: I don’t know what Kane joining the Wyatt Family could do for Bray Wyatt?  The building of the Wyatt family is to solely make Bray Wyatt into a real threat for the superstars of Smackdown, and WWE alike.  With Kane and his experience, you would think this would endorse Bray Wyatt’s future, but it wouldn’t help.  Luke Harper being with Bray Wyatt works, because of his character.  Erick Rowan works with Bray Wyatt because of his character.  Kane does not work as being aligned with Bray Wyatt.  I don’t think anyone could team with Kane and have it top what he and Daniel Bryan had going on!

In summary, Kane shouldn’t join up with The Wyatt Family and if anything, should continue to feud with them.  More importantly, feud with Luke Harper whilst Bray continues to keep his sights on Randy Orton.

Question: Who will win the 2017 Royal Rumble?
Answer: Tough question, as there is so much talent on both the Raw and Smackdown rosters right now.  With WWE really pushing this ‘New Era’ it needs to be someone who hasn’t held the WWE or Universal Championship before.  Someone who is on the verge of the main event scene, but hasn’t quiet grasped it yet!  Or someone who they are building the new era around.  My best bets would be on Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Finn Balor (if he is cleared by then), and my wild card guess would be The Miz!

Question: Should WWE buy TNA?
Answer:  With the news that has come out recently, I don’t think it is a wise decision to buy TNA.  They would be buying the millions of dollars of debt that they are in also, so no.  If anything, when someone does decide to buy TNA they need to completely rebrand.  Basically just by the contracts of the talents, and WWE should buy the library!

Question: Do you think the women’s roster is big enough to be split over two shows?
Answer: At first I was hesitant, and I still am slightly.  It seems every female superstar is going to Raw, but that is mainly because they have some stars suspended/injured.  Emma, or as she will now be known as Emmalina, should have gone to Smackdown.  She will be misused on Raw and utilised on Smackdown.  Maybe she will get switched over in a few months and give Becky a run for her money.  If anyone is to dethrone Becky, then Emma deserves to be that one!

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