WWE Raw General Manager Mick Foley announced today that he will be taking a break from Twitter. This comes after a fan released screenshots of a private conversation between her and Foley, regarding the use of female wrestlers (particularly Summer Rae) on Monday Night Raw.

The conversation can be seen below:

Foley Tweets

Mick Foley later responded to this exchange on Twitter. He stated that he will be taking a break from Twitter, and that he will no longer be allowing fans to message him privately.

Even though there wasn’t anything scandalous wrote in the messages, there’s still some controversy to be found. The whole chat between the two massively breaks kayfabe, and such a legend like Foley exposing the business won’t sit too well with fans and WWE. Plus, a WWE on-screen authority figure privately messaging fans is just asking for trouble. Also, his question regarding whether Summer Rae can “hang” with the other female superstars on Raw makes Foley look like a bad GM, by demeaning talent. But again, nothing too major was revealed, so hopefully this doesn’t damage Foley’s reputation or career.

Do you follow Mick Foley on Twitter? What do you think about the messages between Foley and his fan?

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