Below are the results and reaction to this week’s WWE Smackdown Live, from Denver, Colorado:

James Ellsworth is backstage taping up for his match later with AJ Styles. Dean Ambrose comes in and shows him a new Ellsworth t-shirt. He gives him a pep talk.

Randy Orton Promo

Randy talks about Bray Wyatt. He gives him credit for getting the best of him. Orton feels like he’s losing his mind, which means Wyatt should be scared. We cut to Wyatt on the TitanTron. He’s in a casket surrounding by men in black sheep masks. He tells Orton to get over himself, and that he’s coming for him. He’s having fun with Orton and taking him on a journey. He says “he’s here”, before Luke Harper makes his way to the ring to face Orton.

“I liked that Bray is in a casket for some reason. However, the rest of the talk from Orton and Wyatt was nothing we haven’t already heard from both men”.

Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton

Harper took charge early on, sending Orton to the floor. He goes for a suicide die, put Randy catches him with a forearm. Back in the ring, Orton goes for a second rope DDT, but Bray Wyatt comes out in the casket being pushed but the black sheep masked men. Back from the break, Orton just beats a ten count. Harper hits a Michinoku driver, and then applies the gator roll. Wyatt tries to get Harper to throw Orton in the casket, but Orton nearly throws Harper in. As Orton gets back on top, Wyatt runs in and attacks him.

Randy Orton def. Luke Harper via DQ

After the match, Wyatt and Harper beat up Orton. Wyatt opens the coffin to put Randy in, but Kane is in there and begins to attack both men. As Orton and Kane are about to hit an RKO and Chokeslam, the lights go out and when they come back up, Wyatt and Harper have disappeared.

“There wasn’t much of a match, so there’s not much to focus on there. But I am glad Harper wasn’t pinned or submitted. The aftermath was okay. It was a good way to see Kane return, and nice not to see the Wyatt’s beat down. Just not sure where this is leading”.

AJ Styles Backstage

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage. He doesn’t get why he has to face a waste of space like James Ellsworth. He knows Dean Ambrose will get involved and try to embarrass him, and it could end up like David Arquette winning the WCW title. If Ambrose costs him, he will take him apart.

“Nothing much to say other than a great WCW reference. Also, a good heel promo”.

Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Both shove each other to start. Naomi goes to attack, but Bliss knees her. Naomi fights back with quick kicks and a dropkick. She then hits a springboard cross body. Naomi hits a clothesline and leg drop. Bliss rolls out the ring. Bliss takes advantage with a vicious right hand. She grounds Naomi, before Naomi breaks with a back breaker. She then hits a clothesline and a dropkick, then a split legged moonsault. She goes up top, before being cut off and slammed to the mat. Bliss hits a Twisted Bliss for the win.

Alexa Bliss def. Naomi

After the match, Renee Young interviewed Bliss, who said she was going to end Becky Lynch’s fairy tale. She says she’s gonna beat Becky and become SD Women’s Champion.

“A much better match than their encounter at No Mercy. This match was better paced and the right person won. Bliss’ heel work continues to develop nicely and her promo after the match was solid”. 

Curt Hawkins vs. Apollo Crews

Hawkins comes out and cuts a promo. He says that Apollo is a loser, so Crews punches him in the face. Hawkins rolled out of the ring and said that Crews has ruined his big debut, so he left.

“Wasn’t Eva Marie doing this just a few months ago? Well it was better when she did it. Hawkins’ gimmick is awful, and I’m not sure if anyone wanted to see him wrestle. A big plus though, is that Crews didn’t lose to Hawkins.”

Carmella Promo

Carmella comes out and reiterates how Nikki Bella ruined her PPV debut at Summerslam. She says she’s going to let out one of Bella’s secrets. Nikki comes out and tells Carmella to say whatever it is to her face. Carmella says that she gets everything because she’s dating John Cena. She berates Nikki for only being famous because of Cena. Nikki calls Carmella jealous and says that her dating Cena was no secret. She calls Carmella an internet bully, but Carmella calls her a gold digger. She shows clips from Total Divas and Total Bellas, showing Bella being clingy with Cena. Nikki responds by saying she made it without Cena, and worked hard to prove everyone wrong. She is fearless and isn’t scared by Carmella. Carmella ends the segment by saying Nikki used her looks to get in the door, her sister to get in the ring and Cena to become a celebrity.

“Not sure why John Cena was the main topic, but the right idea was there. The main basis should have been that Nikki has used everyone around her to become who she is, and Nikki denying this. However it became too much about Total Bellas. The idea was there, but it wasn’t properly executed until Carmella’s final line. It the end though, I think this segment did well to forward the feud, and both ladies did pretty well on the mic. Not a great segment, but it certainly didn’t hurt anybody.”

James Ellworth Backstage

Renee interviews James Ellsworth. He’s nervous about his title match and looks like he’s going to cry. He knows he’s not as good as Styles, but is looking forward to telling his grandchildren that he competed for the WWE World Championship.

“Built up Ellsworth’s underdog status really well.” 

Heath Slater, Rhyno and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz, Kenny and Mikey

Rhyno and Mikey start the bout, with Rhyno in control. Mikey tagged Kenny in, who got a belly to belly. Ziggler’s team tag in frequenly, before Kenny takes down Ziggler and tags in Miz. Ziggler hit him with a drop kick and splash. Miz finally took over. Dolph looks to be getting back into it, before Maryse trips him. Miz’s team keep Ziggler in the corner, with quick tags. Ziggler manages to superkick Miz, before tagging in a hot Slater. Slater hits a knee and neckbreaker on Kenny, but Mikey breaks the pin. Mikey eats a Gore from Rhyno. Miz cheap shots Slater, and Kenny rolled up Heath for the pin.

The Miz, Kenny and Mikey def. Heath Slater, Rhyno and Dolph Ziggler

“A very fun and energetic tag match. Slater and Rhyno are still over as hell with the crowd, so them losing was good heel heat on Team Miz. Expect The Spirit Squad to compete for the Tag Team Titles soon. Not sure what that would mean for other tag teams, but Slyno will certainly win. It’s been great seeing Mikey and Kenny again though, and this match was a good advancement of the Miz/Dolph rivalry.”

Daniel Bryan Backstage

SD GM Daniel Bryan is on the phone to Shane McMahon. He says that since Raw accepted their Survivor Series challenge, they should start making teams. Natalya comes in and tell Bryan why she should be on the Women’s SS team, clearly ripping off Whitney Houston. She then shows Bryan her cat’s Instagram profile.

“Ermmmmmmm…okay? It will be good to see Nattie on the SS team. That’s about it. This segment was weird.”

Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin

The action quickly goes to the outside, with Corbin laying Jack’s head on the barricade and beating the hell out of him. Corbin rolls in back in the ring, hits Swagger with a knee, then an End of Days for the win.

“Pretty much exactly what needed to happen. This is what people expected would happen from the start and now that we’ve got it, we can move on from this feud.”

More Daniel Bryan Backstage

Natayla is still showing DB her cat’s Instagram, before Dean Ambrose enters and thinks he’s going to be referee for the WWE World Title match. Bryan says he won’t be referee, but he can be either on commentary, a guest timekeeper or ring announcer. He just says “Okay. I’ll do that.”

“Obviously this meant we were going to get shenanigans, which could be fun like last week.” 

WWE World Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs James Ellsworth

Ambrose announced both men for the match, mocking Styles and hyping up Ellsworth. He then rang the bell for a what felt like forever. Ellsworth tried to attack, but AJ got him in an abdominal stretch. AJ tried to lock in a chin hold, but James just slipped out (because he has no chin). Ambrose then turned everyone’s attention to the Titantron, showing that James Ellsworth shirts are now on sale. AJ continued dominating with a dropkick. James tried to fight back, but received a suplex into the turnbuckles. Styles went for a superplex, but Dean distracted him on the mic again. Ellsworth went for a crossbody, but missed. Styles threw Ellsworth out of the ring, but Ambrose threw him back in. This repeated for about a minute. AJ went up top to yell at Dean, but Ellsworth pulled him down and hit a superkick for a close fall. James was hyped up, but AJ hit a spinebuster. He then continuously beat down Ellsworth in the corner, but Ambrose constantly mocked him on the mic. This eventually resulted in a DQ.

James Ellsworth def. AJ Styles via DQ, so AJ is still WWE World Champion.

After the match, Ambrose got in the ring and announced Ellsworth as winner. He insulted Styles more. Styles went to attack Dean, but ate a Dirty Deeds. He celebrated with Ellsworth to end the show.

“It was good and had some funny moments, but it went on too long. Plus, it just felt like Ambrose was doing his fun uncle routine, which is not as good as his serious side. Plus, AJ losing to Ellsworth twice makes him look weak. However, since both men have a match next week and Ellsworth probably won’t be involved, the angle should get more serious. An okay segment that just went too long”.

Final Reaction:

“Not Smackdown’s finest show. There are absolutely some good moments to enjoy, but overall the show wasn’t as good as what we’ve been expecting. The Wyatts/Orton feud continued in a bizarre but interesting way, Miz/Ziggler was forwarded well and even Styles/Ambrose was enjoyable this week. There was just a lot of “oh okay” moments and not enough eye-catching action. Still, it was above average and progressed nicely towards Survivor Series. But I think Raw was better this week. 6.5/10.”

So, do you think Smackdown was better than Raw? Who should feature on SD’s Survivor Series teams?

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