WWE World champion, AJ Styles, is fed up with being mocked by Dean Ambrose into losing to James Ellsworth, so he went on Talking Smack tonight (Oct. 18) and demanded a one-on-one match with the Lunatic Fringe.

As we’ve seen in the past, GM Daniel Bryan usually has a trick or two up his sleeve when dealing with confrontational heel champions (just ask Miz), so while he agreed to book the bout the Phenomenal One’s “ordered” him to, he had a condition to attach.

If AJ Styles loses next week to Dean Ambrose, than the latter becomes the new No.1 Contender for the title. Styles is expected to feud with Ambrose until John Cena returns from filming American Grit later this year.

SmackDown doesn’t have another pay-per-view (PPV) until Survivor Series, and with a five man team needed to compete against Raw in that show’s traditional match type, the champ might not defend his title in Toronto unless he pulls double duty.

It’s possible they’ll find another way to continue Style’s feud with Ambrose other than having Dean defeat him in the Oct. 25 main event, as three losses in three consecutive weeks will not help the champion.

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