Below are the results from this week’s NXT, and the reaction to what went down:

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: No Way Jose & Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak

Gulak and Swann start. Gulak tries to contain Swann, but Swann’s high-flying move set takes control of the match. Jose tags in with some powerful offense, before Swann tags in and Jose assists with a splash. The action ends up outside of the ring, with Gulak distracting Swann so Nese can hit a superkick. Gulak is now in and has grounded Swann. Swann comes back and both men tag out. Jose takes over and hits a huge clothesines to Nese. All four men get involved in the action, with Swann and Nese spilling to the outside. Swann hits a corkscrew plancha on Nese, while Jose hits Gulak with a Full Nelson Slam for the win.

No Way Jose & Rich Swann def. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak

After the match, Jose and Swann take to the mic to tell the Authors of Pain not to take them lightly.

“Such a fun match. Three of the men involved were part of the Cruiserweight Classic, so it was as high-flying and entertaining as you’d expect. Even Jose, who isn’t a cruiserweight, looked great and him and Swann are electric together. Match of the night for sure.”

Tye Dillinger is backstage being attended to by a doctor. He insists he’s fine after the assault by Sanity. He says he wants a match with Booby Roode at TakeOver: Toronto, after Roode walked out on him versus Sanity.

Austin Aries is being interviewed whilst eating a banana. He mocks Hideo Itami for not being able to compete in the Dusty Classic and against him. He’s asked about his mystery partner, but doesn’t reveal who it is.

Bobby Roode vs. Sean Maluta

The match starts with a snapmere takedown from Roode. He taunts the crowd with his gloriousness. Maluta capitalizes with a dropkick. Roode comes back and takes control. Maluta looks to be getting back into it, before he eats a spinebuster. Roode hits a DDT for the win.

Bobby Roode def. Sean Maluta

After the match, Roode cuts a promo about his match with Tye Dillinger in Toronto. He talks about Tye begging him to be his partner in the Dusty Classic. He says he tried to bring Dillinger to his level. Tye comes out and brawls with Roode. He gets the upper hand and clotheslines Roode over the top rope.

“The match between Roode and Maluta was short and sweet. Right guy went over, not much more to say. Roode’s promo was great, and the brawl afterwards really helped hype the match between these two.”

Liv Morgan has an interview backstage. She’s asked about Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, but before she can get out a full sentence, Kay and Royce attack her from behind. This spills out to ringside. Kay and Royce then cut a promo saying they are running the women’s division and they are putting all the women on notice, including Asuka.

“I’m glad that Royce and Kay have teamed up, they both needed something else to help them be taken more seriously. Together they are a big threat and their beatdown and promo showed that.”

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

Aries’ partner is revealed to be Roderick Strong. Aries and Otis start and Aries lands a big kick. Otis comes back with some good offense but Austin tags in Strong. Knight tags in and hits a huge dropkick. Otis tags in and takes out his opponents with elbows. Knight is in and he is on the offense, before he flies out the ring. Strong has Knight on his shoulders while Austin hits an elbow. Roderick hit a running dropkick for the win.

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong def. Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic

“A good match and a nice way to show off the debuting Roderick Strong. However, the match was very forgettable. Still, Aries and Strong are a perfect match.”

A pre-taped interview with Andrade “Cien” Almas airs. Almas speaks in Spanish, and the interviewer translates. He says in order to come to NXT, he had to take off his mask, but he’s had not respect since arriving. He says from now on, he only cares about himself.

Nikki Cross (w/ Sanity) vs. Danielle Kamella

As soon as the bell rings, Cross goes right for Kamella. Danielle comes back with a suplex, but Cross brushes in off and hits a neckbreaker. Throughout the match, Cross hits, bites and claws herself. Cross hits a swinging neckbreaker for the win. After the match, she carries on the assault on Kamella. Eric Young pulls her off but she hits him. She’s eventually pulled off by Fulton. Since she carried on after the match, Kamella is declared the winner.

Danielle Kamella def. Nikki Cross by DQ (I think)

“I really didn’t understand the finish. Why was the decision reversed? So every time someone carries on the attack after the bell rings, the decision should be reversed? That made no sense and was really stupid. I’m not too sure about Sanity yet, but if they are as scary as they were last week and this week, then they could be gold. But still, Cross not winning this match made them look dumb.”

Nakamura Promo

Nakamura comes out and says he isn’t done with Samoa Joe. He says that if Joe wants his title, he can come and get it, and he will beat him with no mercy. Patrick Clark comes out and talks trash to Shinsuke. Nakamura beats him down with kicks, before Samoa Joe attempts to sneak up on the NXT Champion. Nakamura sees him, so Joe retreats. Nakamura hits a Kinshasa on Clark and then stares down Joe to end the show.

“I’m not sure why Clark thought it was a good idea to interrupt Nakamura, but he got what he deserved. Making Nakamura look threatening wasn’t needed but who cares, it was great. It’s really interesting to see Joe try and sneak up on the champ, when he’s been talking so much trash lately. Still, a good segment to end the show.”

Final Reaction:

“Another good show from NXT. The opener to me was the highlight of the night. The ending was a good way to build up hype, and the Dusty Tournament is progressing nicely. The ending to the Cross/Kamella match is a massive down for me. NXT is usually solid with story-telling, so that ending making so little sense was a disappointment. The rest of the show was good though. 7.5/10.”

What did you think of NXT this week? Are you excited for NXT TakeOver: Takeover?

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