Below are the results and reaction from episode seven of Lucha Underground’s crazy third season:

Show opens with Prince Puma backstage. Vampiro comes in and wishes Puma luck in his match vs Mil Muertes. Vampiro tries of offer his help, but Puma refuses, saying he would rather be killed by Muertes than work with Vampiro. Vampiro states that he think Puma will win tonight.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Killshot

Dario Cueto spins his Dial of Doom and it lands on Killshot. Killshot comes out, still injured from his Weapons of Mass Destruction match with The Moth. Matanza tosses Killshot around and hits him with clotheslines. Killshot tries to come back, but Matanza hits some backbreakers. Matanza headbutts Killshot and suplexes him. Killshot gets fired up with lots of kicks. He goes to the top rope but is cut off. Matanza is about to piledrive Killshot from the second rope, but Killshot counters and kicks Matanza to the mat. Killshot misses a double stomp from the top rope and Matanza hits him with a running uppercut. Matanza hits Wrath of the Gods for the win.

Matanza Cueto def. Killshot

After the match, an old friend of Killshot’s enters the ring. Killshot is shocked, and hugs the man. The man shoves him off and kicks him in the face. He lays out Killshot and screams “you left me for dead” at him.

“An excellent opening bout. Even though this match was short, a lot of action was packed into the encounter. We knew Killshot wasn’t going to win, but his fire and high-flying action was great and Matanza’s power looks devastating. Great way to start the show. The stuff after the match was intriguing, and I’m interested to see where this goes.”

Trios Champions Fenix, Aerostar and Drago come out for a match. Dario Cueto comes out to announce that Aztec Warfare will return in four weeks. Since nobody has come close to beating Matanza Cueto, he will be defending hit title in the match, and will start the match at number one. Dario then says that Fenix, Aerostar and Drago will compete in a triple threat match, with the winner entering the Aztec Warfare match at number twenty. However, the losers won’t be in the match at all.

“I cannot wait for Aztec Warfare. It’s always so fun and we might finally see Matanza be defeated.”

Fenix vs. Drago vs. Aerostar

The match starts and some three way action leads to Drago being sent to the outside. Fenix hits a superkick on Aerostar. Drago back with a high crossbody, but Aerostar hits him with a meteora. Drago gets sent outside. Fenix hits him with a superkick. Aerostar dives onto Fenix, then Drago comes back with a suicide dive. All three are back in the ring, with Aerostar hitting a DDT to Fenix. Drago powerbombs Aerostar, but Fenix hits another superkick to Drago, and then a dropkick to Aerostar. Aerostar hits a backstabber on Fenix and then all men trade blows. Fenix superkicks Aerostar, and then a three way submission ensues. Drago hit a destroyer to Fenix, then a DDT to Aerostar for the win.

Drago def. Aerostar and Fenix, Drago will enter Aztec Warfare at #20.

“Only in Lucha Underground can an 8 minute triple threat match be so entertaining. While it was botchy at times, most of the action was crisp and fast-paced. I didn’t expect Drago to win, but he’s still a good pick to enter at number 20. I think it’s great that LU makes Aztec Warfare seem so important, by making matches like this. A very fun match, and maybe this will lead to problems with the Trios Champions.”   

Drago looks in a mirror, and Kobra Moon enters. She expects him to win Aztec Warfare and bring the Lucha Underground title to their tribe. Drago states that he left that tribe a long time ago and won’t be returning. A man interrupts, saying he thought it was the men’s room.

Johnny Mundo enters Dario Cueto’s office and says he needs to face Sexy Star for her title. He gives Cueto his briefcase of money from season one, but it has less cash in. Dario accepts the money, and gives Johnny a match with Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods Championship next week.

Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes

Puma tries to attack early on, but Mil comes back and beats him in the corner. Puma hits a kick and then a cross body. He sends Muertes to the floor, before diving onto him. They fight more, then Mil hits a huge spear. He beats Puma some more and they fight into the crowd. Muertes comes back to ringside, before Puma dives from the bleachers onto Muertes. Puma gets Mil into the ring and hits a running shooting star press. He kicks Mil, but misses a 630. Muertes hit a slam and a chokeslam. Muertes sets up Puma for a Flatliner, but Puma hits elbows to escapes. Mil throws him into the corner and hits many corner clotheslines. He charges at Puma, but shoulders the ring post. Puma kicks Muertes a lot, and then hits a 630 to win.

Prince Puma def. Mil Muertes

“These guys have great chemistry together, and that showed in this match. A really good main event, that was surprisingly original compared to their previous encounter. I hope that this isn’t the end of their feud because I really want to see more of these guys wrestling.”   

After the credits, Rey Mysterio talks about his feud with Chavo Guerrero with Chavo’s legendary father. He asks where he will stand with the Guerrero family after him and Chavo fight. Chavo Snr asks Rey whether the fight was the only way to resolve their feud. Rey says that either Chavo leaves Lucha Underground, or he does.

Final Reaction:

 A great showing from LU this week. Every match we saw was really entertaining and unique. Possibly the best show of the series so far, and the Aztec Warfare announcement was the icing on the cake. 9/10.” 

What did you think of Lucha Underground this week? Are you excited for Aztec Warfare?

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