As some of you might be aware there is some serious beef between Jason David Frank aka The Green Power Ranger and CM Punk. TMZ Sports recently caught up with Jason David Frank while he was out enjoying New York City doing signings and was asking whether he was still interested in facing former WWE Superstar now MMA fighter CM Punk.

Jason David Frank also mentioned he has been talking to Bellator a lot lately, he’s been talking to heaps of promotors and 2017 seems to be the year it’ll happen.

Many of the fans would remember that JDF called CM Punk out some time ago but was met by being mocked back by Punk. Jason David Frank says he is serious about the fight now that Punk’s future in the UFC is pretty much over with the one and done due to the thrashing he received, it might not be the worst idea for Punk to take this fight perhaps in Bellator.

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