With Goldberg returning on Monday Night Raw this past week, it got us thinking about who else should return to WWE. WWE has been great as of late and we believe these 5 superstars would defiantly fit right into today’s WWE.

1. Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel, former member of the Nexus, never really got much recognition for his in-ring ability and his high flying skills. In seems as if Gabriel was in the WWE in the wrong era. In today’s era of WWE where Cruiserweights are getting a lot more attention, Gabriel would certainly fit right in.


2. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has been wrestling in other promotion’s for years, since 2009 when he left the WWE. Hardy has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially with Matt and his ‘broken’ gimmick. It was recently reported that Triple H has reached out to the Hardy Brother’s for a possible WWE return. WWE is the place where Jeff should finish off his WWE career.


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