Lucha Underground went on the road with some lives show thanks to Cricket Wireless for sponsoring the events however the top rope couldn’t contain all of the impact in the ring during the Jack Evans and Son of Havoc match up. The two professional athletes ended up facing a unique opportunity at the Sunday show at Lucha Underground‘s live event in Phoenix when the top rope gave way and broke however both pulled it off like pro’s and continued the action.

The two men faced off in the opening match and during the match the top rope broke, causing both wrestlers to improvise on the fly and continue not stopping the match.

After Havoc picked up the win heaps of ring crew hit the canvas to fix the problem, Vampiro even came down to make sure everything was fixed as he monitored the situation.

However with the small hiccup the event was a big success with heaps in attendance, the fans left in great spirits which is fantastic news with Lucha Underground now touring.


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