Recently Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski caught up with the highest free agent on the wrestling scene and new TNA star Cody Rhodes and spoke on The Fight Network about various topics and we have some of the highlights!

Cody: “That is the moment they don’t tell you about, I’m going to hit various indies up and I’m going to do this whole post WWE tour. That’s the part people don’t tell you, you’re going to be in charge of promotion, you’re going to be in charge of so much that’s involved. You’re basically saying you’re your own brand and it actually takes true meaning when you are in control of everything like the simplest things like what photos, what merch you had and what the graphics are going to look like and how you are going to go about promoting the shows. I get the biggest kick out of that because my dad was a promoter. I mean, he was a wrestler too obviously but he was a promoter and the big events and the sizzle behind the substance was one of the things he was really good at doing in acquiring and the cross promotion and all that so for me to take a stab at it, I don’t know if you can tell in my voice but has really been the happiest time of my life and I’m glad it’s going successfully.”



Going to TNA: “I really wanted to get certain things done like we’re talking about on the list and a couple of guys are TNA stars that were on the list, Mike Bennett, Moose particularly. So, it was a matter of both parties came together at the same time and I was really happy to do that because you see so much negativity about TNA which is unrelated to the in-ring product, it’s related to the business element. Who’s suing who and who owns what and I don’t really give a damn, there are still a lot of really great wrestlers. Some who are ex WWE, some who are WWE bound, some worldwide stars and I was happy. My experience there was gleaming from the moment I went to Nashville to film my bumper, my teaser for coming to the last taping I was part of. It was very much a first class operation so whatever goes on behind the scenes must be a madhouse because I didn’t see any of that, I had really great interactions with both Billy and Dixie and was really happy to be there. It was short-term but because of the tapings they do, really everything is short term until the next set of tapings. If the ship continues to sail in the direction it was sailing when I was there, there’s no doubt I’ll be back and be happy as hell to be back.”


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