Below are the results and reaction to October 24th’s Raw, live from Minneapolis, Minnesota:

“Sorry this has taken so long to come out. I wasn’t able to watch Raw live yesterday, so I’ll just do a quicker review today.”

Jericho Opens The Show

Chris Jericho opens the show and announces that there won’t be a triple threat main event until someone returns the stolen “List of Jericho”. Both Kevin Owens and Steph McMahon came out and promised to help him get his list back. Seth Rollins came out, hiding the list behind his back, and then claimed he found the list. He claimed both Steph and Owens were on the list, before discussing the dangers of Hell in a Cell. He says he will beat Owens, then leaves with the list.

“This segment was silly. I love Jericho’s list and his friendship with Kevin Owens, but it’s completely overshadowed the feud between Rollins and Owens. This segment should really have talked about the dangers of HIAC, like Rollins did at the end. Even though Jericho is great, he shouldn’t have been the main focus, particularly since he’s not even in the match at HIAC.”

Steph sees Rollins backstage. He says he left the list in the locker room

Enzo Amore vs. Karl Anderson

Enzo and Cass came out and attempted to do their usual routine. The Club came out and said they cut off their mics. They did the routine anyway with the crowd thoroughly behind them. The match starts with Amore taking control, before Anderson takes over. Amore makes a comeback, and pins Karl after Cass kicks him in the head behind the ref’s back.

Enzo Amore def. Karl Anderson

“This surely means that Anderson and Gallows will win at HIAC. I’m sick of seeing The Club lose, and they no longer look like a threat, but hopefully WWE will realise that they need to win on Sunday. The match was nothing special, so moving on”.

Rusev cuts a pre-taped promo about Roman Reigns and the US Title match at HIAC. He says he will beat Reigns for his family and for his wife.

The New Day vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

New Day “shamed” Sheamus like last week. Anyway the match started with Cesaro and Sheamus bickering and New Day taking control. The odd couple eventually took over and showed pretty good teamwork. New Day came back. Big E tries to throw Kofi into Cesaro, but Cesaro uppercuts Kofi. Sheamus takes advantage by Brogue-kicking Big E for the victory.

Cesaro and Sheamus def. The New Day

“A very good match and it was fun to see what Sheamus and Cesaro can do as a team. But, I don’t like it when we see the PPV match before the PPV. It was still a good match though. Expect New Day to win on Sunday though.”

Jericho is still looking for the list, but it’s not in the locker room.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke in an Arm Wrestling Match

Bayley comes out expecting a rematch from last week with Dana Brooke. Dana says it will be an Arm Wrestling Match. Dana beats Bayley using her right hand (Bayley’s right arm is injured). Just as Bayley is about to win with the left arm, Dana cheap-shots her and attacks her. Bayley then gives Brooke a Bayley-to-belly to end the segment.

“The crowd absolutely hated this segment, and I agree with them. Arm wrestling in WWE is never going to be interesting so I don’t get why they thought this would be good. It was boring, and I didn’t think they could make the Bayley/Dan feud more dull.”

Jericho runs into Stephanie. He still refuses to compete in the main event. She says he will be suspended if he doesn’t take part.

Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas

Hometown boy Curtis Axel cut a promo about his Grandfather, his father and about Bo Dallas turning on him. He gets the crowd pumped for him before Dallas comes out. They have an even match, where Dallas kicks out of the Perfect-plex. Dallas ends up rolling Axel up for the win.

Bo Dallas def. Curtis Axel

“I actually liked this match more than most things on the show. It was great to see aggression from Axel, and the result garnered good heat on Dallas. Axel won’t be getting a push anytime soon, but it was nice to see him look competitive.”  

Jericho finds that Braun Strowman has the list. He gives it him back and says that Sami Zayn isn’t on it. He says Sami is on page four and adds Braun to the list for touching it.

Roman Reigns has a pre-taped promo. He talks about Rusev not competing in the cell before, and that he has. More importantly, he has won a HIAC match and he will once again.

The Golden Truth vs. The Shining Stars

Mark Henry and Titus O’Neil are at ringside. Shining Stars dominate Goldust, before he tags in R-Truth. Titus helped out Epico and Primo, before Henry intercepted. He threw Titus into the ropes, which knocked Primo off the top rope. Golden Truth hit their finisher for the victory.

The Golden Truth def. The Shining Stars

“Do you really care? The rivalry hasn’t really been explained so there’s no reason to care. It wasn’t an interesting match and the feud is pointless.”

Women’s Hell in a Cell Contract Signing

Mick Foley mediates the contract signing. Both ladies come out and push their chairs away. Both say they will win at HIAC. Foley doesn’t think they understand the dangers of Hell in a Cell. He passionately talks about how the cell has affected his life and career. He hesitates to let them sign the contract, before both women do. Foley also references Ric Flair and Eddie Guerrero, and how proud they would be.

“Finally. People shouldn’t be rewarded a match inside HIAC, they should fear a match inside it. I liked that Foley tried to get them to actually realise that this isn’t just a normal match. His promo was so passionate and is probably his finest moment as Raw GM so far. Banks and Charlotte both cut good promos too, but Charlotte excelled as usual. Probably the best part of Raw”.

Brian Kendrick vs Rich Swann

TJ Perkins is on commentary. Swann was his charismatic, energetic self, and his high-flying offense was on point. He was in control, before Kendrick took over. He went to end the match with a Captain’s Hook, but Swann rolled him up to win.

Rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick

Later, Kendrick would see Perkins backstage and beg ask TJ to let him win at HIAC.

“The match was pretty decent. Swann is going to be a star and Kendrick losing was surprising. I think Kendrick probably should have won, but the backstage segment after redeemed the result. However, it is strange that Kendrick thinks that this is his last chance and last run when he’s only 37 years old. I get that he’s probably one of the older guys in the cruiserweight division, but he’s not as old as The Undertaker or Sting. Still though, a good match, but I still think there needs to be more stories in the cruiserweight division.” 

Kevin Owens cuts a good interview about his friendship with Jericho, and about how he and Seth Rollins will go to war inside HIAC.

Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn

Both men look like they are about to start the match, but Braun grabs a mic. He says that Foley needs to get him some competition, since Zayn isn’t any competition. As he’s about to leave, Sami hits him. He turns around and Sami slaps him. Braun chases Sami outside the ring. Sami gets back in and tries to jump onto Strowman. Braun catches him and throws him into the barricade. He walks off, and Zayn challenges him to get back in the ring, but he leaves.

“Not a huge fan of this feud, but making Sami look resilient is good. When Braun and Zayn face off in a match, Strowman will definitely win, but now we know that Sami won’t go down without a fight. It’s Sami’s gimmick to lose a lot, but him looking competitive is important.”

Heyman and Lesnar Respond to Goldberg

The men came out and Heyman trashed half the crowd for chanting for Goldberg. However, every time he trashed Goldberg, the crowd chanted “Goldberg sucks”. Eventually the two men just left.

“WWE really thought that the crowd in Brock Lesnar’s hometown were going to chant for Goldberg. It was painfully obvious that Heyman and Lesnar didn’t know what to do, and it just made for an extremely awkward segment. Vince McMahon was apparently so furious with how the segment was going, that he played Lesnar’s music to end it early. Definitely the worst part of Raw.”

Jericho and Owens meet up backstage, and agree that they will remain best friends no matter what happens in the main event.

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Rollins dominates both men early in the match. Eventually Jericho and Owens take out Rollins with elbows and clotheslines. Owens hits a senton from the second rope. Jericho hits a Codebreaker. Jericho and Owens set Rollins up for a double superplex, but Rollins slipped out and hit a double powerbomb, and he rolled up both men to get the pinfall win.

Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

After the match, Jeri-KO continue the assault on Rollins. As they leave, Rollins attacks Owens. Owens gets the advantage and powerbombs Rollins onto the ring apron.

“The match was surprisingly short. But Jeri-KO’s teamwork was great as usual. Rollins’ winning wasn’t that shocking, but him pinning both men was not necessary. Ending with Rollins being powerbombed on the apron was really needed to make Owens seem like more of a threat. Doing this without Jericho’s help was even better, really setting up a solid reason their breakup. A good ending to a below average show.”

Final thoughts:

“Considering this was the go-home show for a PPV, this was a poor effort from Raw. The Lesnar segment was bizarre, an arm-wrestling match was never going to be interesting, half the other matches were dull and the main event ended badly. There were good moments like the final segment and the women’s contract signing, but overall the show was severely lacking sense. A very disappointing show, but since it wasn’t all bad it gets a 4.5/10.”  

What did you think of Raw this week? Are you excited for Hell in a Cell?

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