Below are the results and reaction from this week’s NXT:

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: DIY (Gargano & Ciampa) vs. HoHo Lun & Tian Bing

Ciampa and Bing kick off the match. Bing is a big guy, so Ciampa struggles to take him down. Bing hits a roundhouse kick and both men tag out. Gargano hits a roll-through kick. Bing wrenches Gargano’s kick but he fights out and hits a kick to Bing. Ciampa comes in and takes everyone out. Gargano makes the tag and spears Bing. DIY hit their finisher on Lun to win.

DIY def. HoHo Lun & Tian Bing

“A fun opener. A good showcase of new signing Tian Bing and DIY going over was definitely the correct choice. A good start to the show.”

TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi are interviewed backstage. Perkins does all of the talking and is excited to tag with Kota.

Samoa Joe is interviewed and talks about how scared Nakamura is of him.

Billie Kay vs. Aliyah 

Peyton Royce is at ringside for Kay. Billie takes over in the early going, but Aliyah comes back with a jawbreaker. Aliyah continues her assault with an enziguri. Liv Morgan comes down and attacks Peyton Royce. This distracts Kay, and Aliyah rolls her up for the victory.

Aliyah def. Billie Kay

All four ladies continued the fight, with Kay and Royce getting the advantage and standing tall.

“The match itself wasn’t great but the story told was good. Kay and Royce are great together and I hope they continue to be bitchy heels.”

Tye Dillinger vs. Noah Potjes

Both men lock up and Tye gets the advantage. He does a perfect cartwheel and taunts Noah with the 10 sign. Noah comes back with some strikes, but Tye takes over with a knee. He hits a Tyebreaker to win the match.

Tye Dillinger def. Noah Potjes

After the match, Mike Rome starts to interview Dillinger. He says that the only glorious thing Bobby Roode has done since coming to NXT is run. Roode comes out and attacks Tye, hitting a DDT on the ramp.

“The match was a quick one, but a good way to show what Tye is made of. Roode’s assault looked brutal and might actually get him over as a heel. A good way to forward their feud.”

TM-61 are interviewed backstage. They say that Aries and String haven’t been great for years. They say they are like brothers and do a trust fall to prove how connected they are.

Thea Trinidad vs. Asuka 

Pretty much a typical Asuka match. Asuka dominates with leg kicks and a hip attack. Trinidad attempts some offense but it’s not happening. Asuka hits a German suplex and locks in an Asuka lock. Trindad is forced to tap out.

Asuka def. Thea Trinidad

After the match, William Regal comes out and announces who Asuka will defend her title against at TakeOver: Toronto. Her opponent is Mickie James. James is shown in a pre-taped video, and she says that even though Asuka has beaten everyone, she’s never faced anyone like her. Asuka smiles, and looks excited.

“The match was an Asuka squash match so moving on. We knew that Mickie was her opponent, but that still didn’t take away from the excitement. Asuka looks so ready to face James, and with a lack of threat in the NXT women’s division, Mickie is a great choice to face Asuka.”

Paul Ellering is psyching up the Authors of Pain. He’s then interviewed, and he says that they have a strategy which will be executed next week.

Kota Ibushi & TJ Perkins vs. Mustafa Ali & Lince Dorado

TJP and Lince start, with a fast pace. They tag out and Ibushi attempts to knock Ali down. Ali breaks out of a bridge with a springboard and a dropkick. Perkins is now in and has Ali in a knee bar, but he makes the ropes. Ali with a big punch. He stop TJP from making a tag and takes out Ibushi. He then hits a neckbreaker. Ali gets TJP in a submission, but he breaks out and hits a facebuster. Ibushi is tagged in and he hits a double Pele kick. TJP hits a frog splash for two. Ibushi takes out Dorado with a moonsault on the outside. TJP locks a knee bar on Ali, who has to tap out.

TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi def. Mustafa Ali and Lince Dorado

“A very good match to end the show. TJP was a great choice to replace Itami and he’s way more over in NXT than on Raw. The match was full of high-flying CWC action, and I’m excited to see what sort of match Ibushi and TJP will have with Sanity.”

Final thoughts:

“A decent showing by NXT this week. No bad moments in the show, but a lot of standard action. Mickie James’ video was great and the highlight of the show, but the rest of the action overall wasn’t too exciting. Still, NXT gets a 7/10 this week.”

What did you think of NXT this week? Are you glad to see Mickie James coming back?

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