Below are the results and reaction from episode eight of Lucha Underground’s third season:

Sexy Star is in Dario’s office and wants to cash in her Gift of the Gods Championship next week against Matanza Cueto. Dario agrees as long as she retains against Johnny Mundo in the main event. Her buddies Fenix, Drago and Aerostar are banned from ringside.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Ivelisse

Mariposa is at ringside for Marty. Ivelisse uses some kicks early, but Marty takes over. Marty has turned his creep levels right up for this match. He chokes Ivelisse out, and then distracts the referee so Mariposa can do the same. Marty locks her in a full nelson, but Ivelisse counters. Marty comes back with a slam. Ivelisse tries more body kicks and tries choking The Moth, before he counters with a spinebuster. Marty hits a full nelson slam and wins.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez def. Ivelisse

The siblings celebrated after the match, before Ivelisse’s boyfriend Jeremiah intervened.

“This match was okay, but a bit sloppy. The two competitors didn’t seem to gel that well and Ivelisse pretty much lost clean. Jeremiah attacking the siblings after the match was unjustified since Marty won clean and didn’t assault her after the match. That was a dick move really but oh well I guess. An average match and segment overall.”

Another white rabbit video airs, this time showing the wrestler. It’s former WWE superstar Paul London.

Ivelisse and Jeremiah argue as they are leaving The Temple. Dario has offered Jeremiah the chance to compete, but Ivelisse doesn’t want a repeat of her relationship with Son of Havoc. Jeremiah manages to bring her round to the idea though.

Dario gets in a car. Councilman Delgado is already in there. Dario says “his ascension” is complete and Delgrado asks about a new “host body”. Dario says he’s selected “two strong bodies” and receives a mystery box.

Best of Five Series for an “Ultimate Opportunity”: Cage vs. Texano

Cage is up 2-0. Texano goes for Cage before the bell rings. They fight on the outside before Cage slams Texano into the apron. They brawl some more, and then Texano throws Cage into a pile of chairs. Cage responds with a suplex onto the floor. They get back in the ring, but then Texano hits a sunset flip bomb on the outside. Back in, Texano misses a senton and Cage capitalizes with a side kick. He then hits a slam and a corner spear, before hitting a superplex. Cage throws Texano into the post and then an inside-out x factor. Cage tries to got high, but Texano hits a rana and a leg lariat. Cage then successfully hits a clothesline, bucklebomb and an F-5, but his cocky cover results in a two count. A small package from Texano gains him his first win of the series. Cage 2 – 1 Texano.

Texano def. Cage

“I liked this match the best overall on the show, since both men have good chemistry together and have managed to keep each match original. Texano winning was much-needed, especially since he was 2 down. Hopefully Dario’s opportunity is worth the great action this series has produced so far.”

Dario is looking at the mystery box in his office before Rey Mysterio walks in. He wants Dario to make a “loser leaves Lucha” match for next week between him and Chavo Guerrero. Dario makes the match.

Gift of the Gods Championship Match: Sexy Star (c) vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo controls the early going, with a sneaky eye poke and kicks. He throws her into the corner and then kicks and knees Sexy. Mundo locks in a chicken wing, but Star escapes and applies some kicks. Mundo comes back and tries for a superplex. It’s a no-go, but he does hit a backdrop. Mundo tries a moonsault, but Star counters. Sexy hits punches and forearms. Johnny tries to counter, but Star hits a codebreaker and backstabber. Sexy goes for a high crossbody, but Mundo catches her and swings her into the referee, who goes down. Star hits a sunset flip, but the referee is down. As the referee gets up, Mundo misses Sexy with a spear and hits him, causing him to go down again. Star locks Mundo in a choke, but PJ Black and Jack Evans come out to break it up. They double superkick Star and then triple team her as a new referee comes out. Sexy kicks out at two, so Black and Evans pull the referee out of the ring and double superkick him. Mundo puts a chair around Star’s neck and the others hold her down. As Johnny goes to the top, The Mack comes out and Stunners both Evans and Black. He then hit a Stunner to Mundo, and Sexy hits him with a chair. Mack, Evans and Black brawl outside the ring. Johnny goes for an End of the World, but misses. He tries to hit Star with a chair, but the referee see and pulls the chair away. As the ref’s back is turned, Mundo pulls brass knuckles out of his pants and clocks Star with them. He then pins her to become new champion.

Johnny Mundo def. Sexy Star to become new Gift of the Gods Champion

“There was just too much going on for me to like this match very much. Too many ref bumps, too much interference and too much shenanigans really annoyed me. The match was fine when there wasn’t any of that. I accept that the heel won due to the shenanigans, but so much of it wasn’t necessary.”  

During the credits, Prince Puma is training before Vampiro walks in. He says that Puma isn’t done with Mil Muertes and he needs to avenge Konnan (Mil put Konnan in a coffin and killed him). Vamp says that he never liked Konnan, but he respects Puma.

Final thoughts:

“A surprisingly weaker episode from Lucha Underground this week, with the show peaking during the middle match. Texano/Cage continue to impress, but the opener and main event weren’t great. Too much interference ruined the last match, and not enough hampered the first match. There was still enough to like, but not as much as usual. Probably the worst episode of the series so far. A 6/10 for this week’s show.”  

What did you think of Lucha Underground this week? What was your favourite part of the show?

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