Braun Strowman has been on a path of destruction ever since descending from The Wyatt Family, we are looking at a few men who would be great contender’s to finally put the big man down.

1. Seth Rollins

With Seth Rollin’s recent face turn, a true David vs Goliath story line could have the man go up against Strowman and be the one to finally defeat the giant. With all that Seth Rollins has accomplished in his WWE career so far, it would be quite believable if he manages to put down Braun, even despite the difference in size.


2. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is currently the WWE Universal Champion, ever since debuting in the WWE, Owens has been making a statement week in & week out. Even in his days in NXT he dominated the show, Owens has done a lot in his short time in the WWE thus far. Having him go up against Strowman would be a huge rivalry, and if Owens beats Braun, many fans would be happy with the outcome.


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