Good Old JR recently took to his blog to answer some questions. He was asked whether he thinks TNA can be fixed. His answer is below:

“The answer to that question is, ‘absolutely’ but only if the brand is blown up, restarted, renamed, and by finding a more viable TV network/partner on which to air their show. Then TNA, or its successor, needs a small, tight knit, agenda-less team to plan long term, present a reality based, athletic product featuring as many qualified, younger and fresher talents as they can afford. The way this brand has been devalued and abused is regrettable which may be the understatement of the year. Make no mistake about it, TNA, under anew name and a fresh management approach, can regain some level of footing within the marketplace but new management, if that’s the case, must have a realistic plan and the funds to reach their goals which will only come in time.” 

His opinion is highly regarded in the wrestling world, and his statement above is hard to argue with. With TNA being in the hot mess it is, a re-brand would be highly recommended. Hopefully TNA can soldier on, but seeing it’s current state, it’s very unlikely.

What do you think of JR’s comments on TNA? How long do you think TNA will last?

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