WWE held it’s second Raw-exclusive PPV since the brand extension today with Hell in a Cell from Boston, MA. The show was billed as a triple main event with three Cell contests, and all three delivered on their potential.

US Title: Roman Reigns (c) vs Rusev (Hell in a Cell)

Really solid opener from both men. Reigns continues to prove his doubters wrong with another strong showing, while Rusev delivered another steller performance. They used the structure well and used some weapons to enhance the contest, and while it was not close to the other two Cell matches later, it did its job. Reigns retained obviously. Grade: B

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

This was a match that never got out of first gear. Some of Dana’s offence was pretty poor, but she got heat on the contest by working over Bayley’s arm before the Hugger made a gutsy comeback to pick up the win. Grade: C-

Enzo and Big Cass vs The Club

Another decent affair didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but still managed to deliver the goods, and also the right result. Enzo and Cass will remain over no matter what-The Club needed the win here and that’s what they got in decisive fashion. Big ups to Enzo for another strong promo pre-match. Grade: C+ 

Universal Title: Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell)

The second Cell match of the night was an absolute standout contest between two of the best talents on the Raw roster. Rollins and Owens fired on all cylinders here with some brutal spots and strong storytelling. The interference from Jericho was expected and helped KO retain, but a turn from the former after the match may have made the ending hotter. Grade: A

Cruiserweight Title: TJ Perkins (c) vs The Brian Kendrick

Another solid match with the right result. Perkins and Kendrick told a good story here and delivered a fun mid-card bout-sadly the crowd showed little interest. Kendrick suckered in his former friend to win after feigning an injury, and giving the veteran the title here to help build the division was the right choice. Grade: B

Tag Team Title: New Day (c) vs Cesaro/Sheamus

A really good back and forth tag team match that had a rather flat ending. The DQ finish from Kofi (who wasn’t in the match) hurt the contest a little, but it allows the story to continue and give the unlikely duo another shot ar the straps. Xavier Woods was very impressive here and the false finishes were well done. Grade: B+ 

Women’s Title: Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte (Hell in a Cell)

First off, this felt like a main event match and the scenery was really well set up. The start of the match with the announce table spot all the way to the end was brutal and got a lot of heat on Charlotte as Sasha sold the effects of her back injury. The match was fantastic and showed the women can deliver inside the steel structure. The finish, however, was strange at best, with Charlotte coming out the winner in a flat ending. The continued hot-potato of the title has hurt the feud, and one has to wonder why they would not keep the strap on Sasha for longer to see how far she could take it. Props to both though for a really good match, but the ending felt off. Grade: A-

Another PPV in the books, and it was a solid effort from the red brand overall. Some great matches, some average ones and some strange booking pretty much sums up Raw since the brand extension. The Cell matches all delivered but the ending of the show leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for fans, especially those in Boston. OVERALL GRADE: B-

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