With AJ Styles feud with Dean Ambrose coming to a close, we take a look at 5 guys who would make a great feud and challenge for AJ Styles and his WWE Championship.

1. The Miz

In the recent months since the brand split, The Miz has been one of the top bad guy’s in the entire WWE. Over the year’s he’s been with WWE, Miz has accomplished a lot, but it’s been quite some time since the awesome one has one WWE’s top prize.

At this stage both men are both currently bad guys, but with Styles rumored baby-face turn on the way, this feud could be something fresh and very possible.

If not, a heel vs heel feud for once would actually be very interesting to see go down, and everyone know’s both men can put on one hell of a match.

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2. Dolph Ziggler

Another man who would give AJ Styles a great challenge would be the underdog, Dolph Ziggler. The man is the current Intercontinental Champion, and we know the passion Ziggler has for what he does. The promos and in ring connection would be great to watch and a WWE Title vs Intercontinental Title feud would be indeed fresh and interesting.

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