Ross says he thought Sunday night’s Hell in a Cell PPV was a good show. He thought it was solid from start to finish, and he thought the talent worked very hard. He was very surprised by the finish in the Charlotte/Sasha Banks match. He thought Banks would return triumphantly to her hometown and defend her Women’s Championship on a night when both women made history. WWE had different plans however, and Charlotte’s win resulted in the PPV going off the air rather flat, which is expected when the hometown baby-face loses. Ross informs that he had zero issue whatsoever with the women closing the show, but he doesn’t understand why WWE didn’t promote it more heavily leading into the PPV. That was a very big night for Charlotte & Sasha, and the business in general, so it should have been announced in advance. Instead, the two women main event with very little advanced fanfare.

He thought Roman Reigns and Rusev had a solid match to open the show. He says WWE did a great job of making all the Cell matches seem unique, and the first match of the night kicked things off on the right foot. He does admit that the match may have been a bit too long for his taste. Ross thought Rollins and Owens arguably had the match of the night. He does wonder if Steve Austin was the Universal Champion, do you think he would go on in the middle of the show? Nonetheless he thought Charlotte & Sasha had a good, physical match, but he feels it may have been slightly overbooked by WWE.

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