Yesterday on it appears they made a HUGE mistake and actually posted the final picture of the final participants for the RAW vs SmackdownLIVE 5 Vs 5 line up. A screen shot was taken and roughly 10-15 later the image was taken down and replaced with the blank person.


(Click image for full size)

It appears Sami Zayn is the final person who will be added to the 5 vs 5 match up which is going to be revealed on RAW next week. The reason behind Sami being the last person in the match, is for the reason that he was the last person eliminated by Braun Strowman. Speculation for the final spot had people thinking it was going to be Seth Rollins however, due to his comments on RAW that he will burn the place to the ground would lead to him not being apart of the team.

This doesn’t mean he won’t have a factor in the match up, we believe that he will interfere and attack Chris Jericho or Kevin Owens costing RAW the match.

More to come when it becomes available.

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