Below are the results and reaction to this week’s NXT:

“This will be extremely brief this week, since I have only just managed to watch NXT.”

Charlie Caruso is in the WWE Performance Center and announces that this week’s episode will be dedicated to Round 2 of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. All four matches will be be shown.

Roderick Strong vs. Shane Thorne

Aries and Strong come out, and Aries shows off his eye injury. He is unable to compete. William Regal then comes out and announces that the winner of Roderick Strong and one of TM-61 will determine which team moves on in the tournament. Shane Thorne is chosen to face Strong.

They have a fine match, with Thorne showcasing his high-flying skills, and Strong showing his back-breaking ability. Aries tried to interfere a lot, before Thorne rolled up Strong for an upset win.

Shane Thorne def. Roderick Strong

“A good match, Thorne showed that he can be really good as a singles competitor and him going over was the right move (since Aries will be out for a while). The finish doesn’t hurt Strong either.”

The Revival vs. DIY

DIY are in the ring. Revival come out and Dawson is on crutches and says he is unable to compete. They say that they have to pull out of the tournament, which is lucky for DIY, since they wouldn’t have to tap out to them again.

DIY def. The Revival by forfeit

“A creative way to get The Revival out of the tournament.” 

Cedric Alexander is backstage and he challenges Andrade Almas to a match anytime, anywhere.

DIY are then interviewed backstage, and they aren’t surprised by Revival’s forfeit. They say that they will win the tournament, and then the NXT tag team titles.

Rich Swann/No Way Jose vs. The Authors of Pain

Another fun match, with Jose and Swann showing off their energetic styles. Paul Ellering surprisingly interfered in the match a little bit. In the end, The Authors of Pain picked up the win.

The Authors of Pain def. Rich Swann/No Way Jose

“Swann is the best wrestler in this match, but the others were also really good. The faces looked good constantly fighting back, and the heels looked good resisting the faces strikes. Authors going over was definitely the right result.”

Kota Ibushi/TJ Perkins vs. Sanity

Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe are up for Sanity. They are on top for most of the match and consistently get annoyed by not being able to put away Perkins. Fulton bites the ropes a lot. Ibushi gets the hot tag and powerbombs Wolfe for the pin, but the referee is distracted by Eric Young. Fulton and Wolfe then hit their finisher on Ibushi for the win.

Sanity def. Kota Ibushi/TJ Perkins

“Not as good as the previous match, but still a fine match. Sanity winning was the right choice, and they looked really fierce. A solid match.”

Final Thoughts:

“A good show overall. All matches were good, but it was repetitive. 7/10.”

What did you think of NXT this week? Who will win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic?

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