Hulk Hogan has been away from WWE for well over a year now after the scandal involving his sex tape and the comments he made in said video.

The racial vilification in the tape spelled the end to his WWE run, and he has since won a lawsuit against Gawker for posting the video, and things have seemed to settle down. WWE have even been using the Hulkster in promotional material for the WWE Network as of late.

Well, according to his daughter Brooke, Hogan may be set for a return to the company sometime in the forseeable future. A quote from her interview with TMZ:

I’ll just say I know that people have been calling him for WrestleMania.

The old saying goes that time heals all wounds, but for someone who has continually made mistakes, would it really be worth it for WWE to bring him back in a televised role?

Would you be excited for Hulkamania to run wild once more in WWE?

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