Below are the results and reaction from this week’s WWE Raw, from Glasgow, Scotland: 

Stephanie McMahon and Team Raw open the show

Stephanie McMahon comes out and discusses the Raw versus Smackdown Survivor Series matches. She then welcomes Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman to the ring. She then announces the final member of Raw’s main team is Seth Rollins. Smackdown’s SS team is shown on the TitanTron and Steph runs them down. She leaves, saying that the men’s jobs depend on the match. Owens and Jericho take over and say that they’ve made a few mistakes. They say that since they are co-captains, the other guys are their stupid idiots. They then mock The Shield, before Rollins attacks Jericho. Everyone brawls until Steph comes back out and makes a Fatal five-way match for the main event, so everyone can settle their differences.

“Owens and Jericho were the highlight of the segment, obviously. The main event match is a good idea to let everyone get everything out of their system. I’m also glad that everyone didn’t just get along straight away, since that wouldn’t make any sense. A decent segment, which would actually end up being one of the few positives of the show.”  

Sin Cara & Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar

Dar came out to a huge reception, since Scotland is his home country. Swann and Dar kick the match off, before Cara was tagged in and he cleared the ring. He then hit a suicide dive to Kendrick. Kendrick managed to take over though, grounding Sin Cara. Dar comes in and hits a suplex. He locks in a headlock, but Cara countered with a single arm powerbomb. Kendrick and Swann get tags, with Swann hitting a double stomp, before Brian hit a boot. Swann hit a rana and a rolling thunder, before rolling up Kendrick for the win.

Rich Swann and Sin Cara def. Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar

After the match, Kendrick says to Dar that they lost because of him, and he has no talent or heart. He then attacked Dar, but Noam came back and took out Kendrick with a running kick.

“The match went downhill after Dar’s entrance. The match was nothing special, and the crowd didn’t care too much. However, Dar making his debut in his home country was a smart move, but putting him on the heel team was pointless. The match was forgettable, but Swann pinning Kendrick hopefully puts him in title contention.”

Stephanie is on the phone, before Sami Zayn enters. She says that Mick Foley wants him to face Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series, but she wants Rusev to face Ziggler. She announces that Zayn will face Rusev later to determine who faces Ziggler, and that the winner had better bring the IC title to Raw.

Raw Tag Team’s Survivor Series Promo

Enzo and Cass, Anderson and Gallows, Cesaro and Sheamus and the Golden Truth come to the ring. They are all part of Raw’s SS team. Since the New Day weren’t there, Sheamus announces he is the new team captain. Nobody agreed, and everyone swapped insults. Sheamus then tries to bail on everyone, but the New Day then come out dressed in Braveheart costumes. They do their usual shtick, with Woods sporting a set of bagpipes, which he claims are Francesca II’s cousin called Agnes. Big E then modifies the famous Braveheart speech, which gets everyone on board except The Club. They say that they will stab everyone in the back as soon as they get the chance. They call New Day a joke, but Woods says that they have beaten The Club multiple times, so what does that make them?

“This was a pretty fine segment, and the crowd actually reacted (which they barely did all night). New Day were the highlight, and The Club threatening to turn on the team isn’t surprising.”

The New Day vs. Gallows & Anderson

Kofi and Anderson start, and Kofi gets Anderson into the corner. New Day do the unicorn stampede. Big E goes for a splash, but Anderson dodges and Gallows hits a boot to Big E. Anderson and Gallows utilize quick tags and Gallows hits a few elbows. Big E eventually got the tag, and Kofi hit dropkicks and a boom drop. Anderson avoids the Trouble in Paradise, but Kofi hits a cross-body. Gallows is in and cuts off the midnight hour. Anderson hits a spinebuster, before the duo hit Kofi with a Magic Killer for the victory.

Gallows and Anderson def. The New Day

“An average match overall, but the result was good. Club need a big win and this was it. But then beating the champions didn’t feel like a big deal and the match was pretty dull. The crowd didn’t care either.” 

Backstage with The Golden Truth. R-Truth has sold their spot on Raw’s SS team to The Shining Stars for a time-share in Puerto Rico. Goldust goes to try and fix the situation.

Jericho and Owens talk to Braun Strowman. They try to get him onto their side, on team Kevin, Chris and Braun. Strowman says he’s on Team Braun, and Jericho puts him on the list.

The Golden Truth vs. The Shining Stars

Truth starts, but is quickly dominated by the stars. Truth eventually fights back and tags in Goldust. He mounts good offense, including a spinebuster. Epico then distracts him, allowing Primo to roll up Goldust for the win.

The Shining Stars def. The Golden Truth

“Nobody, including me, cared. The match was bad as you’d expect, and the result didn’t matter really.”

Raw’s Women SS team announcement. 

Michael Cole was in the ring and introduced Charlotte, Nia Jax, Bayley and Alicia Fox. Charlotte ran down Nikki Bella and Carmella. Jax said nobody can order her around, and Fox stated that she is willing to work with whoever to survive. The crowd chanted for Bayley a lot, barely allowing her or anyone else to speak. She said she’s excited for Survivor Series. Charlotte then announced that the final member of the team was Dana Brooke. Dana came to the ring, only for Cole to say that she isn’t on the team. The final member is actually Sasha Banks, and she came out to the ring. Charlotte mocked Sasha ans said she thought she’d be too injured to be at SS. The crowd sang for Bayley, annoying Charlotte. A six-woman tag match is next.

“This was fine, but we basically saw the same thing earlier in the night with the men. The crowd chanting Bayley was fun, but only prolonged the segment, which it didn’t need.”

Bayley, Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox vs. Charlotte, Dana Brooke & Nia Jax

Jax and Bayley start. Jax is too strong and Fox xomes in. Charlotte tags in, but gets dropkicked. She gets suplexed, before tagging in Brooke. The faces clear the ring, and the faces triple dropkick Jax, but she barely moves. Sasha and Dana are the legal women, and Dana gets her into the corner. Jax comes in and dominates. Charlotte comes in and works Sasha over. She eventually gets the hot tag to Bayley and she hits Charlotte with a cross-body. She then hits a neckbreaker and a croner elbow, before Nia Jax clears out the faces. Charlotte goes to boot Banks, but accidentally hits Nia. Bayley hits a Bayley-to-Belly on Charlotte to win.

Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox def. Charlotte, Nia Jax and Dana Brooke

“Bayley winning was the right move, since the crowd loved her and she needed to prove she isn’t a weak link. But the match wasn’t the best, and by this point, the whole nobody can along thing is just annoying.”

Seth Rollins has an interview, before Braun Strowman comes over and says he will break Seth in half later.

Sami Zayn vs. Rusev

Rusev attacked quickly. Zayn began to come back, but Rusev took over. Zayn hits some chops, but Rusev dominates again. Sami gets Rusev to the floor and hit a dive. He goes for a blue thunder bomb, but Rusev counters with a kick. Zayn dodges a corner charge, but Rusev hits another kick. He goes up top, but Zayn hits a high Helluva kick  for the win. Zayn will face Ziggler at Survivor Series.

Sami Zayn def. Rusev

“This match wasn’t even close to both men’s best. It was disappointing, but Zayn winning was the right result. Fans will be way more interested in Ziggler vs Zayn. Still, he should have won more convincingly, rather than with an impressive counter.”

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Owens and Jericho quickly go for Rollins. This leaves Braun and Roman in the ring for a stare off. Strowman got the advantage and went outside. He was met by Seth Rollins, who beat him with a kendo stick. Seth pulled out a table. Braun took down Jericho and Reigns, before clotheslining Owens. Everyone then jumped Strowman, but he exploded out. They get Braun out of the ring, and Rollins hits a suicide dive onto him. Reigns and Rollins continued to beat down Braun, and look set to powerbomb him through the table, but Jeri-KO cut them off. Reigns hit Braun with a Superman Punch, before he was thrown into the barricade by Owens and Y2J. Owens hit him with a cannonball. He tries to do the same to Rollins, but he blocks. He then powerbombs Jericho onto Strowman though the table. Owens and Rollins then fought. Rollins missed a frog splash, but he came back with a Pedigree. Jericho drags the referee out of the ring to prevent the pinfall. Rollins hit Jericho with a suicide dive. They get back in the ring, and Rollins avoids the Walls. Rollins hits Jericho with a Pedigree. Owens superkicked Rollins out of the ring, before Roman hits Owens with a Superman Punch. Reigns falls out of the ring, and Owens lands on Jericho and gets a three count.

Kevin Owens def. Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman

“The match was good, and I liked the way the match ended. Owens accidentally pinning Jericho means that there will be issues between the two. Strowman looked like a monster as well, and teasing that Rollins and Reigns are cool now was nice. However, the way that Owens won means that things aren’t truly settled, meaning next week will be more of the same. Still, a fun match.”

Final Thoughts:

“This Raw was pretty poor, and there were only a few positives to take away from it. The last match was good, and Dar’s reception was great. Plus, the crowd proving how over Bayley is was great. But everything else was long, boring and repetitive. The show was focused on Survivor Series, but everything was basically the same thing with different people. I can’t wait for SS, but the build needs to be more interesting. Hopefully next week we can see some invasion or something. This week’s show though, was a 4.5/10.” 

So, what did you think of Raw this week? Did it heighten your excitement for Survivor Series?

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