Hulk Hogan was on MLW’s ‘Bischoff on Wrestling’ show this week and spoke at length about his daughter’s comments to TMZ about the Hulkster returning to WWE for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando.

Despite what his daughter Brooke said, the former WWE Champion said that no one has contacted him about working WrestleMania 33 in Orlando next year – and the story she told TMZ about discussions between himself and WWE was a fabrication on her part:

Brooke’s running around on TMZ and made the statement about me and wrestling and WrestleMania. For the record, she needs the big boot to the head. I haven’t talked to anybody about WrestleMania. I just need to put that to rest. I asked Brooke, “What are you doing?”

She goes, “Oh, well, I’m just starting it up.”

I said, “Thanks Brooke.” It was kind of funny. I said, “No harm. No foul.” It was all in good fun.

With his main lawsuit against Gawker settled, it looked like things might be clearing up for a return of one of the most famous pro wrestlers in the world to the biggest pro wrestling company in the world.

But with recent news, via SEScoops, that Hogan is still pursuing a legal case charging extortion and leaking allegations against several parties regarding the tapes which contained his using racial slurs – the issue which got him fired from WWE – Vince McMahon and company may decide to let that wrap up before bringing him back.

Certainly doesn’t sound like things are as imminent as they were a few days ago.

We will be sure to bring you all the latest on the situation regarding Hulk Hogan and WWE as it unfolds.

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