Universal Champion Kevin Owens and former RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks took part in a Facebook Live Q&A session with Scotland’s Daily Record, which you can watch below.

There were a wide variety of topics covered, including Owens discussing the possibility of working against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Owens is all about it and says he’d make Lesnar his b*tch.

“The biggest, most interesting part about this thing with me versus Brock, is that people don’t think I’d have a chance, and I love proving people wrong,” Owens said. “So not only would I survive Suplex City, I think I’d take him to Suplex City. Lesnar goes around calling people his b*tch, I think I’d make him my b*tchh!”

Lesnar is rumored to be facing Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 33, so if Owens didn’t get the chance to take Brock to Suplex City, who would be his next ideal opponent? He named Finn Balor.

When asked if he sees WrestleMania being held outside of the United States again, KO said it’s certainly possible. WWE is great working out logistics and the Beast In The East WWE Network special from Japan went off without a hitch. He can’t say WrestleMania taking place overseas is close to happening, but it’s possible.

Owens says it’s great Sasha Banks and Charlotte main evented Hell in Cell, but the next step is for women to main event live events on a regular basis. Roman Reigns and Rusev often main event RAW’s live events and there’s no reason Sasha and Charlotte couldn’t be in that position.

Sasha said she might be interested in working a Women’s Money in the Bank match, but it depends who else would be involved.

When asked if they could have anybody in wrestling history serve as their managers, Sasha named Paul Heyman while Owens named Bobby Heenan.

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