Below are the results and reaction from WWE Raw, live from Buffalo, New York:

Raw Survivor Series Participants Open The Show

Everyone who is competing for Raw at Survivor Series is on the ramp. Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley are in the ring addressing them. She tells them that Daniel Bryan has called Raw lazy and complacent. Foley says it’s time for Owens to prove he’s a better champion than AJ Styles, and that it’s time for Rollins and Reigns to prove that they aren’t the weak links of The Shield. He says the women need to prove to Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch that Raw has the superior division. Steph asks Enzo and Cass how they’re doing, and Mick does Enzo’s dance. She says that Sami Zayn will bring the IC title back to Raw, and the Cruiserweight division rests on Brian Kendrick’s shoulders. They then make some matches for tonight, since some people still need to learn to get along. Roman Reigns is to team with Kevin Owens against Cesaro and Sheamus. Sasha and Charlotte will face Nia Jax and Alicia Fox, and Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman and Chris Jericho will face The New Day.

“A nice segment to open the show. It didn’t go on for too long, and it made sense to put on couples together, since they need to learn to get along ready for SS. Steph saying how you doing was horrible though, and Mick Foley can’t dance at all. But this many tag matches in one night was over the top, but I guess it had to be, since Survivor Series is going to be similar. A good way to get Raw going though.”

Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Roman and Cesaro start. Roman hits a shoulder block, but Cesaro responds with a dropkick. Reigns comes back and hits a clothesline. He goes to tag Owens, but KO isn’t interesting. Cesaro uppercuts Roman and tags Sheamus in. Ceaaro is back in quickly and gives out more uppercuts. Cesaro whips Roman into a shoulder block from Sheamus. Cesaro and Sheamus end up arguing though, allowing Roman to clothesline Sheamus. He then clothesline Cesaro to the outside. Owens then comes over to berate Reigns, allowing Cesaro to launch himself onto them. Owens and Cesaro are legal. Cesaro hits some uppercuts, before getting hit with a tornado DDT. Owens hits a clothesline and  a cannonball. Cesaro fights back with a springboard uppercut, before Sheamus tags in and takes over. He hits a knee, then the Beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus gets sent to the outside, allowing Owens to tag Reigns. Roman throws Sheamus over the steel steps, then clotheslines him. He then hits a Superman Punch to Sheamus, while Owens superkicks Cesaro. Roman Superman punches Cesaro, and looks set to spear Sheamus, but Owens tags in. Reigns and Owens argue, allowing Sheamus to Brogue Kick Owens. Reigns spears Sheamus, and puts Owens on top of him so they can pick up the win.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens def. Cesaro and Sheamus

“A really fun match overall. Neither teams can get along so this was an interesting dynamic. Reigns and Owens winning was the right move, and the match itself was well-paced and never bored me.”

Jericho, Rollins and Strowman are backstage. Jericho says he is the captain of their team tonight and has bought both men a gift. The gifts are scarves. Seth says he’s  not a scarf guy and gives it back to Jericho. Strowman wants the scarf Jericho is wearing instead. Jericho gives it him, but Braun rips it up and says that he hates scarves and Jericho.

Bo Dallas vs. Sami Zayn

A vignette airs from earlier, showing Bo being upset that Sami is getting a shot at the IC title. Bo controls the opening with a wrist lock, but Sami rolls out and sends Bo to the mat. Sami locks Bo in a hammerlock, before Bo gets Sami in the corner and repeatedly elbows him. He hits some knee drops, before applying a cravate. Sami counters with an exploder suplex and hits the Helluva Kick for the pin.

Sami Zayn def. Bo Dallas

After the match, Saxton interviews Sami, who says he will bring the IC title back to Raw.

“The match was short which was good. It’s strange that Bo lost now and to Sami Zayn in such quick fashion. I don’t like Dallas’ current gimmick, but I don’t think he should lost so quickly and in this way. Sami winning is nice though.”

The cruiserweights are all backstage. Brian Kendrick cuts a speech about how he is the best candidate to keep the division on Raw. He says he is a savior. TJ Perkins says he still has a rematch versus Kendrick. Rich Swann then pipes up, saying he’s beaten Kendrick twice. Noam Dat then recounts what happened last week on Raw, and says that Kendrick is a liar. Sin Cara then says that Kalisto is his friend, and that his friend will be a better champion than Kendrick. Kendrick calls Cara a traitor, and the two square up before being separated.

Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins vs. The New Day

New Day cuts a pre-match promo, where they introduce Francesca II Turbo and show off the New Day Survival kit, which is full of merchandise.

Jericho and Kofi start, with Kofi in control. He hits a dropkick and an arm drag. Jericho tags Rollins in, and Kofi tags Woods. Woods locks Seth in a headlock, before Seth counters with a shoulder block. They both hit leg sweeps, before Seth hits a slingblade. Jericho tags in, but is met with a clothesline. New Day use frequent tags, and Big E hits a splash. He then hits Jericho with snake eyes onto his teammates’ boots. Jericho comes back with a boot, and he forcefully tags in Braun. Braun pushes Kofi and hits a face first slam. He continues to control Kofi, but Kofi lands a jawbreaker. Seth tags in and nails a backbreaker. Seth charges at Kofi, but gets hit with a Meteora. Strowman is back in and knocks Big E off the apron. Braun runs into the post and Jericho tags in. Woods also tags in and takes control. He hits a tornado DDT but Braun breaks up the pin. Kofi dropkicks Braun and Big E clothelines him to the outside. Kofi jumps off Big E onto Braun, but is caught and slammed. Big E  is then ran over by Braun. Woods hits Rollins with a right hand, but is caught with a knee. Jericho tags himself in and goes for the Walls, but Woods counters. Jericho hits and enziguri and tags Braun. Braun nails Woods with a running powerslam for the victory.

Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins def. The New Day

After the match, Jericho gets cocky with Rollins, so Seth gives him a Pedigree.

“Another good match, and I’m surprisingly becoming a fan of Braun. He is continuously improving in the ring and him murdering people is just plain fun. The match was chaotic as it should have been, and the result wasn’t surprising since Strowman is a monster. I didn’t get the Pedigree to Jericho at the end though, since the two would end up working together later. That was a bit pointless, but I guess it’s just adding to Seth’s face turn. A good match.”

Steph and Foley are talking about SS backstage. Paul Heyman walks in and says this episode of Raw will be one to remember. Steph asks Heyman if he’s okay after Goldberg’s spear and insinuates that he’s fat. Paul responds by saying that Goldberg will get the beating of a lifetime on Sunday, and he’s heard a rumour that the Smackdown team is looking good. Foley makes a phone call to make sure there’s plenty of security tonight for the Lesnar-Goldberg segment.

Charlotte and Sasha are backstage. Charlotte isn’t happy that Sasha is getting along with her teammates, but Sasha says that people don’t like Charlotte. Charlotte says Sasha is just jealous that she beat her at HIAC, but Sasha reminds her that she still has a rematch. She also says that if they lose tonight, everyone is going to look towards her. Charlotte looks worried.

Brian Kendrick vs. Sin Cara

Before the match starts, Kendrick attacks Cara. Once the match starts, Kendrick continues the assault and hits a suplex. Kendrick wears Cara down with a cravate. Cara fights back and backdrops Kendrick to the floor. He then hits a suicide dive and goes for a second, but Kendrick moves out of the way. Kendrick is in control and hits a tackle. He goes for another but misses. Cara hits a splash, but Brian hits a back suplex. Cara returns with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and sit-out powerbomb. The two clash heads, before Cara hits a springboard back elbow. He is setting Kendrick up on the ropes, but Brian messes with Cara’s mask. This allows him to lock in the Captain’s Hook and Cara taps out.

Brian Kendrick def. Sin Cara

“A pretty sub-par match. The crowd were dead and it just didn’t feel important. The result was the correct one, but the match wasn’t smooth or interesting. Sin Cara isn’t a man the crowd are in to, so nobody was going to cheer for him. A dull match.”

Enzo and Cass are approached by Gallows and Anderson. They mock The Club and it’s announced that they will all team up to face The Golden Truth and Shining Stars. Karl tells them to remember what happened at HIAC and to get serious. Gallows says they only care about the green (money), but Enzo thinks that he means poo. Cass remembers what the baldies said about backstabbing them, and that they should think twice about it.

Lesnar/Goldberg Face-to-Face

Brock and Heyman come out. There’s a line of security guards in the ring. Goldberg comes out and stands on the other side of the security wall. Heyman starts talking, but is cut off by Goldberg, who says this is about him and Lesnar. Heyman tries to talk again but Bill shuts him up. He says that Heyman and the securoty should leave the ring so the real men can fight. Heyman finally gets to talk, and talks about the list of people Brock has conquered, The List of Lesnar if you will. Goldberg says that he’s not on that list and he knows that that pisses Lesnar off. Heyman mentions Goldberg’s wife and kid, and Bill says that if he does it again he will rip his head off and feed it to Lesnar. Paul says that Goldberg’s superhero act is fake, but Lesnar is the real deal. Heyman says Goldberg to buy his son a WWE Network subscription so he can watch his dad get beat. Goldberg rips his shirt off, and Brock pushes over two security guards. Paul says that Brock will beat Bill up so much that he will be unrecognisable and he will have to call Lesnar “daddy”. Goldberg is livid and beats up the security team. Brock rips his shirt off and teases getting in the ring, but backs down and leaves.

“This segment was really effective in showing who is the clear babyface and heel. Lesnar has been getting face reactions from the crowd, but in this segment, they were all about Goldberg. Lesnar and Heyman mocking Goldberg’s kid and Lesnar backing down cemented them as the heels, and Goldberg looked like a monster taking out all of the security. I’m still not convinced that the match will be very good though, but hopefully they can surprise me.”

Alicia Fox and Nia Jax vs. Charlotte and Sasha Banks

Bayley’s on commentary. Charlotte and Alicia start, but Nia comes in quickly. Charlotte wants to tag out, but Sasha jumps off the apron. She tries to take Nia down, but she gets run over. Banks tags in and applies a headlock to Jax, but gets thrown off. Sasha kicks Jax and tries getting her down, but is eventually run over. Commercial break. Charlotte is now in control over Fox. Banks tags in and hits a dropkick. Charlotte tags herself in and her and Sasha start shoving each other. They then trade forearms and knock each oother down. Fox tags Nia in and she clotheslines the champ. She goes for a Samoan drop on Banks, but Sasha counters with a snap on the top rope. Charlotte comes in and boots Nia out. Sasha tags in and her and Charlotte fight again. Fox tags in and hits a cross body on both. Sasha manages to lock in the Bank Statement though, and Fox taps.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte def. Nia Jax and Alicia Fox

Bayley came down to the ring after and hugged Sasha, but Charlotte walked off.

“Another meh match. The action between Sasha and Charlotte was fun, but the rest of the match felt boring. Plus, Nia and Alicia got along and Charlotte and Sasha did not at all, so the fact that they lost in this way made them look weak. That’s bad considering how much Jax has been pushed. Hopefully she dominates at SS.”

Foley talks to Team Raw. He says they have proven that they don’t need to get along to win. Jericho says how close him and KO are, and shares his scarf with Owens to prove it. Foley thanks everyone, and thinks they will dominate Smackdown.

Enzo & Cass and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs. The Golden Truth and The Shining Stars

Enzo and Epico kick off the match. Enzo hits a tilt a whirl head scissors and a jawbreaker. Cass comes in and slams Epico. Golden Truth and Enzo and Cass stand off in the ring. Truth and Anderson are in. Truth knocks a Shining Star off the apron and this allows Anderson to take over. Gallows comes in and suplexes Truth. Truth comes back with a spin kick and attempts to tag Goldust, but Primo tags in instead. Cass tags in and fallaway slams Primo. He nails a big boot and the Empire Elbow. Epico tries to help but Golden Truth stop him. Anderson tags in for a spinebuster, and then Gallows tags in for the Magic Killer. Enzo goes up for the splash, but Gallows pins Primo before he can hit it.

Enzo and Cass, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows def. The Golden Truth and The Shining Stars

“Nobody cared about this match and the winner was obvious. The thing at the end was good heat for The Club, but the match wasn’t good. Enzo’s team dominated and the opposite team never looked like a threat. Not a great way to build the Shining Stars, but who cares about them anyway. A filler match obviously.”

Survivor Series Summit 

Foley and Steph invite Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon to the ring. They receive huge cheers. Shane and Bryan hype up SD’s 900th episode. Shane says that when the deck was stacked against them, they drafted better and have the better show. Steph says the fans only like Shane because he jumps of high structures, but Bryan says that her GM Mick Foley is the same. Bryan says he put Shane on the team because he is a real leader, unlike Steph, and he knows how wild and crazy Shane can get in the ring. They then promote the other inter-brand matches, before Shane says that he knew he could easily goad Steph into agreeing to the matches because of her huge ego. She says that Shane has a big ego, but he says he leads by example. Steph then brings out Team Raw and they get in the ring and surround Shane and Bryan. Bryan says that they obviously didn’t come alone and Team SD emerge from the crowd, including their mascot James Ellsworth. The teams stand off in the ring, and KO welcomes them to the Kevin Owens show. He then says AJ Styles’ title means nothing. AJ responds by saying that Owens is a paper champion and that he is the face that runs the place and the champ who runs the camp. Owens mocks him for stealing Cena’s catchphrase and says the Universal title is more important because he has it. AJ says that KO has only proven that he’s stuck to Jericho’s sugar tit. Jericho calls Styles a stupid idiot and puts him and his hair style on the list. He then points at Ellsworth and calls him a lost child, then puts him on the list. Bray Wyatt then talks to Braun and says how he made him, but Braun abandoned him. He says he will destroy the monster he created. Braun walks towards him but Orton stands in front of Wyatt. Rollins interrupts and says that they have no idea what him and Roman are capable of. Ambrose starts pacing before hitting Jericho. A brawl ensues with Braun beating up Shane. Braun stands tall until Styles, Shane and Dean send him to the outside. Dean clotheslines Seth out and hits him with a suicide dive. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick to Styles, before Orton hits him with an RKo. Reigns hits him with a Superman punch and does the same to Wyatt. Styles is back in and foes to Styles Clash Roman, but Rollins intercepts and nails him with a Pedigree. Roman calls for a Shield Powerbomb and him and Seth powerbomb Styles onto the rest of Team SD. Team Raw stands tall in the ring as SD backs away up the ramp.

“This was mayhem, but in a great way. It was weird to see guys like Styles and Ambrose get along, but it worked because they are so passionate about SD. Raw standing tall was probably a good move since they were on their show, but this really made me excited for SS. Jericho and Owens were great on the mic, and Styles was surprising top-notch as well. Overall, a great segment to end the show and it builds tremendous hype for SS.”

Final Thoughts:

“A good Raw this week. There were some dull moments but most things were solid. The final segment was a highlight, and the Goldberg/Lesnar segment was good too. There was probably too many tag team matches, but half of them were decent and served a purpose. 7.5/10.”

So, what did you think of Raw this week? Who do you want to win overall – Raw or SD?

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