For the first time since WrestleMania, we saw the deadman return last night on SmackDown Live. The UnderTaker made his long awaited and highly anticipated return on The Cutting Edge, where Edge also made his return to WWE Television.

The Undertaker sent out a warning to the SmackDown Live team for Survivor Series stating that if they lose the elimination match on Sunday, they’ll have a reason to be worried.

It’s reported that The Undertaker’s next feud will be whoever/if someone loses the match for team SmackDown, The Deadman will target them.

It’s now being reported & rumored that The Undertaker is expected to be WWE Champion heading into WrestleMania.

The UnderTaker will now be working a new, more weekly schedule heading into 2017 and heading into WrestleMania.

So it looks like we may have the AJ Styles vs UnderTaker feud that was earlier rumored on

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