Below is the result and reaction from Lucha Underground’s third Aztec Warfare Match:

A pre-match vignette is aired. Dario is going to get Matanza for the match, but runs into Johnny Mundo. Mundo says he’s going to win Aztec Warfare, but just in case he doesn’t, he’s cashing in his Gift of the Gods Championship next week against tonight’s winner. Dario accepts this, but because of Johnny’s cockiness, he says he will enter Aztec Warfare at number 2 instead of 12.

Aztec Warfare Match for the Lucha Underground Championship

The first two entrants are the LU champion Matanza Cueto and Johnny Mundo. Matanza dominates Mundo. Son of Havoc comes in as the third entrant. Him and Mundo work together to try and keep Matanza down. Jeremiah Crane is in fourth, and he helps Havoc and Johnny, before they turn on each other. Pentagon Dark comes in at five, and he superkicks everyone. Sixth is PJ Black, and him and Mundo team up to attack Crane and Havoc. Mariposa is seventh, but she got hit with a Crane driller by Crane. Matanza came back in and hit a huge suplex on Crane, and pinned him.

Mariposa and Matanza have a tense and maybe sexual stare-off, before Matanza chokeslammed Mariposa and pinned her.

Rey Mysterio comes in at eight. He looks to go after Matanza, but Black and Mundo cut him off. He takes them out, and Havoc takes out Matanza. Rey and Pentagon are in the ring, and Pentagon controls with kicks to the leg. Dr Wagner Jr is ninth, and Marty “The Moth” Martinez is tenth. He and Matanza have a rough back and forth, before Marty gets Matanza to the outside and hits him with an over the top rope suicide dive. Jack Evans comes in at eleven, meaning The Worldwide Underground are all together in the match (Evans, Mundo, Black). Matanza is beating Marty with a stool on the outside. Evans, Mundo and Black beat up Son of Havoc and pin him.

Sexy Star is twelfth. She was supposed to be at two, but Dario swapped her and Mundo around. Sexy Star goes straight after The Worldwide Underground, but she is quickly outnumbered and beaten. Ricky Mandel enters at thirteen, but he quickly gets hit with a package piledriver by Pentagon. He goes to break his arm, but Black Lotus returns with some allies. Lotus vowed revenge on Pentagon a few weeks ago for breaking her arm. The women hit Pentagon with some aerial assaults, before one hits him with a crucifix bomb. Johnny Mundo takes advantage and pins Pentagon.

Black slithers in and pins Mandel.

Entrant fourteen is is Mascarita Sagrada, who runs straight into Matanza and gets pinned quickly.

Fifteen is Famous B. He gets in the ring with Rey Mysterio and offers to manage him. He gives him a business card and a hug, before Rey hits a 619 and a dive for the elimination.

Marty then jumps Rey, but Mysterio hits a rana and pins “The Moth”.

The Mack enters at sixteen and stunners Marty as he’s leaving, before focusing on Black and Evans. Matanza has focused all of his attention on Wagner. Joey Ryan is seventeenth and handcuffs himself to the barricade like last year, but this time to a thick steel pole instead of flimsy fencing. Mil Muertes is at eighteen though, and he breaks Ryan’s handcuffs and throws him in the ring. He hits a flatliner on Joey and pins him, while Matanza pins Wagner at the same time.

The two stare at each other during the pins. They brawl while Kobra Moon enters at nineteen. She sits on the announce table. The Mack stunners Jack Evans and pins him.

He then stunners Black. Sexy Star joins him in the pin to eliminate PJ Black.

Drago is the twentieth and final entrant, and he heads straight for Kobra Moon. They battle in and out of the ring, before Drago cradles Moon for the pin.

Matanza quickly comes in and attacks Drago. He pins Drago.

The remaining competitors all attack Matanza. The champion takes a codebreaker, stunner, springboard kick and a 619. Mysterio attempts a second 619, but Matanza catches him. Rey counters into a sunset flip powerbomb and pins Matanza.

Dario and Matanza are livid that he’s eliminated, so Matanza beats down Rey and hits him with the Wrath of the Gods. Matanza continues to go crazy, and when Dario tries to control him with the key, he pushes his brother over and leaves. Mundo climbs into the ring and pins Rey after Matanza’s attack.

Sexy goes after Mundo and nearly eliminates him, but Evans and Black come back to beat her down. Out of nowhere, Angelico returns and dives off of Dario’s office onto The Worldwide Underground. Sexy covers Mundo and gets the pin.

Mysterio is being stretchered out at this point. The final three are Star, Mack and Muertes. Star and Mack team up to try and get rid of Muertes, but Mil gives Mack a flatliner to eliminate him.

Final two. Star gets the advantage, but quickly gets overpowered. Muertes gets a table and sets it up in the corner. He also gets a chair and looks to flatline Star onto it. Star counters and DDTs Mil onto the chair. She then beats Muertes down with the chair, but Mil fights back. He sets her up against the table and attempts a spear, but Sexy moves and Mil goes through instead. She gets a near fall. Mil lands a huge punch and then gets another table and sets it up in the ring. He puts Star on the top rope and looks to flatline her through the table. Star responds with elbows and pushes Muertes through the table. She hits a double stomp and pins Muertes to win the Lucha Underground Championship.

Sexy Star wins Aztec Warfare to become Lucha Underground Champion.

“If you watched the first two Aztec Warfare matches, you knew this was going to be a great match, and great it certainly was. This match combined thrilling action and good story-telling to create an extremely wild and exciting episode. New stories were created really well, and existing stories were used interestingly throughout the match. Sexy Star coming out on top was a brilliant move, since the fans were right behind her and her retribution story needed a solid payoff. Everything made sense throughout the match, and everyone involved played their part really well. It set up plenty of angles going forward, and I can’t wait to see what happens from here. Sexy has to defend the title against Mundo next week, so we will see if this win was just for a feel-good moment, or if she’s set for a lengthy title run. This was a great match though, making the episode great too. Possibly the best of the series so far. 9/10.”

What did you think of Aztec Warfare III? Do you think Sexy Star will beat Johnny Mundo next week?

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