Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Championship in an elimination fatal four-way match two weeks ago on RAW. Chris Jericho made the point to let us know that he is our longest reigning Universal Champion in history and had the champ on his podcast.
Owens discussed how he didn’t know until about 5pm on the night that he won the Universal title that he would walk out as the champion. If that wasn’t shocking enough the way the match ended was just as shocking as Triple H made his first appearance on WWE T.V since he was defeated by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32 in the main event. In Triple H’s return he cost his former friend and student the title turning on Rollins and helping Kevin Owens win the Universal Title.
This meant the world to Owens. KO explained that if it weren’t for Trople H he wouldn’t be where he was. Triple H was the one who believed in him since he has arrived in NXT. Owens admitted that he was told by WWE Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Cemanto not get his hopes up about making the main roster on RAW or Smackdown LIVE because he wasn’t typical WWE Superstar. Owens replied saying he was “Up for the challenge.” Terry Taylor even told Owens at the Performance Center that he doesn’t see IT in him but Triple H does. Triple H saw… IT! (sorry for the Jericho catchphrase, couldn’t help it). So having Triple H literally hand Owens the title was very “poetic” for Kevin.
Owens went on to discuss his relationship with Vince McMahon. Owens stated that he doesn’t really talk with Vince very often but that he believes that he talks to him more then most of the guys in the back do. The reason for that is because Owens says that he makes a point to actually talk to Vince when he has a question for him. Guys like John Cena, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho would tell him not to send anyone to ask questions for him. According to Owens Vince is not as intimidating as he comes off. Vince seems intimidating because of the things that he has done in his career and the fact that he is Vince McMahon.
For fans that have followed Kevin Owens since his early days in wrestling it is an exciting time. It’ll be exciting for them to see where KO goes from here as Champion.


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