This Sunday we get to witness history again and see Brock Lesnar take on Bill Goldberg in the hyped up Fantasy Warfare constest. Paul Heyman recently was interviewed and spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News to promote the upcoming WWE Survivor Series PPV event which his client is headling, we have some of the scoop scoop from the interview,

Brian Fritz: Every buildup to a match involving Brock Lesnar is unique. What have you enjoyed about this one?

Paul Heyman: The thing I enjoy most is the anticipation of the look on people’s faces this Sunday when Brock Lesnar absolutely obliterates Goldberg, giving Goldberg no offense, squashing Bill Goldberg in two or three minutes right in the center of the ring. Suplex City, F5, good night. Anticipating the look on people’s faces of all of these people who scream out the name of Goldberg brings me nothing but sadistic joy.”

Brian Fritz: You were openly critical of yourself regarding the promo in Minneapolis from a few week back. (The crowd chanted in favor of the hometown Lesnar despite Heyman’s attempts to get them to back Goldberg.) What would you have done differently?

Paul Heyman: “I would not have accepted the booking for Minneapolis. I would not have let Brock Lesnar appear in Minneapolis. I’ll take full blame for it. I’ll tell you why. If I am, as people claim that I am, the best or one of the best or one of the greatest fill in the adjective of all time in terms of someone who can deliver a promo, and if I can go out in Chicago, right before WrestleMania, when CM Punk had just walked out and the 18,000 people in Chicago were hellbent and driven on hijacking that show — I opened the show coming out to Punk’s music, sit down in his pose, never raise my voice, shut them up, lure them in, get them to buy that I’m on their side, double cross them and sell them on Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker and shut down the CM Punk chant all without ever raising my voice — then I’m surely talented enough to go into Minneapolis and manipulate the crowd to say or do anything I want them to say or do. That’s my job. I am supposed to take an impossible situation and make it look easy. And if I am as good as people say that I am, and I dare suggest I’m better than that, then Minneapolis would have been just another story to add to the story of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Ultimately, I failed in my task and I own up to my failures like a man and I accept them and I move forward. Lesson learned. If I’m faced with a similar situation again, I know what I would do differently but I’m surely not going to reveal it to the public because then they’ll know how I’m going to handle it.”

Don’t forget to tune into Survivor Series this Sunday.

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