WWE returned to Toronto again today with the 30th annual Survivor Series. It was an entertaining show with a lot of good and a lot of not so good, and left fans with a cliffhanger ending.

Women’s Traditional Elimination Match

There’s no nice way to say it-this match wasn’t very good. It felt like it was rushed throughout, and despite plenty of action there was very little substance behind it. The rushed nature didn’t allow much time between eliminations to build a high caliber match. Nikki Bella getting attacked before the match was a cop out. Team Raw got the win as Bayley and Charlotte survived. Some of the storytelling was okay but it just didn’t quite deliver on its potential. Put it down to a bad night. Grade: C-

Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz (c) vs Sami Zayn 

This was a really good match between two stars at the top of their games. Despite a silly finish with Maryse ringing the bell and making Zayn believe he had gotten the win, this match delivered what the hot crowd was looking for. It got heat a ton of heat on the champion and helped the challenger look like a plucky underdog better than anyone on Raw. This felt like something that can only get better. Don’t be surprised if Zayn ends up on Smackdown soon following the uninspired distraction finish. Grade: B+ 

Tag Team Traditional Elimination Match

What started as a bit of a mess turned into a really fun match towards the home stretch. An early shock with the elimination of New Day put the result in serious doubt. Sheamus and Cesaro came out of it looking really good, as despite their own animosity, held on to be the sole survivors and hand Team Raw the win. Some of Smackdown’s teams looked strong, and a standout performance from The Uso’s surely hands them another title opportunity. A fun match gave a lot of teams the chance to shine. Grade: B

Cruiserweight Title Match: The Brian Kendrick (c) vs Kalisto

This was a really exciting, underrated match. It won’t get the credit it deserves but both men put in their best efforts to turn it into something great. The finish can be good or bad depending on how you look at it-Corbin costing Kalisto the title opportunity continues on their potentially fun midcard feud, but it does cost the Cruiserweights a chance at a fresh start on the blue brand. Grade: B

Men’s Traditional Elimination Match

This was an asbolute stellar match, and by far and away the best contest on the card. All 10 men were given the chance to shine. Strowman looked like an absolue beast; Shane O’Mac like a fearless leader. Both champions were eliminated, but they were definitely well protected in the way they exited the contest. Ambrose’s unpredictable nature cost Styles, and could definitely set up a double turn as the reactions for the former TNA star get louder. Reigns and Rollins flexed their muscles in the home stretch, but were no match for a new-look Wyatt Family who survived to give Smackdown a big win. Grade: A+

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar

This ‘match’ will divide opinion for months to come. Goldberg, in his first match in over 12 years, completely squashed Lesnar in less than two minutes. For this writer, it was a welcome surprise to see Lesnar become human again, and was one that sent fans home wanting more. A grade can not quite justify the surprise element of this short contest. All I know is, lets hope it leads somewhere.

This was a really fun show once it got going. The start and the end were what will leave fans a bit underwhelmed. Also, huge shoutout to the fans in Toronto for staying vocal throughout the night. Some really fun contests resulted in a strong show-but still fell short of NXT’s efforts the night before. Grade: B

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