5. More AJ Styles & Kevin Owens.

One of the highest complaints coming out of Survivor Series was the fans wanted to see more The World Champions go toe to toe. I believe this small interaction that we actually saw did the job because it left the fans actually wanting more. Now there’s money to be made since the fans want it so much so hopefully down the line we will be able to see the Champs who run their camps go at it.


4. Return Of The Deadman

With the recent return on Smackdown from The Undertaker, many fans were left dying to see The Deadman make an appearance in favour of Team Smackdown. Fans believed he would come out after Dean Ambrose almost cost the team the victory when he teamed up with RAW’s Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (former Shield members) and brutally attacked AJ Styles. However this wasn’t the case but perhaps we see The Undertaker seek justice on Smackdown to take some souls and dig some holes.

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