Dave Meltzer noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer that the commentator’s were told to call the match like a ‘fight’.

The pitch was to present this as a fight. The announcers were told, unlike everything else on the show, to call it like a fight. The feeling is the audience was mature enough and had seen enough UFC to know that a fight can be short and explosive, and that’s not ripping off the public or making them dissatisfied.

Plus, and while I don’t even know that this came up in this specific case, it is good for educational purposes of the audience for them to believe a main event can end at any time, as opposed to knowing that everyone gets in their repertoire of moves, secondary non-finishes, and not until that is over with is the match actually going to end. The big PPV shows of late have been ending after 11 p.m., and thus, as Goldberg and Lesnar went to the ring with about 30 minutes left, people were conditioned, knowing how long the show goes, that it would be a normal length main event. Instead, the show ended “way early.”

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