We all know that Smackdown Live has been trying to get ahold of Raw Superstars such as Cesaro and Sami Zayn. Since the draft many fans have been outraged at all the misused talent on Monday Night Raw. But what about the misused Superstars on Smackdown Live? Here are 3 Superstars that would benefit from moving from Smackdown Live to Monday Night Raw.



This one seems like a no brainer. Since returning to the ring a few weeks ago after recovering from a back injury Kalisto has made little impact on Smackdown Live. He was put straight back into his rivalry with Baron Corbin after a failed attempt at the Cruiserweight championship at Survivor Series.

It came as a shock when Kalisto and Sin Cara were split up during the WWE draft. As many saw the pair capturing the Tag Team championships in the future. If Kalisto had been drafted to Raw, fans could’ve seen more high flying luchador action in the tag team division.


By Kalisto being on Smackdown Live he’s also missing out on one of the most exciting things in the WWE right now. The Cruiserweight Division. Kalisto is one of the most entertaining, High flying, and exciting superstars in WWE. He would put on 5-Star matches with every member of the cruiserweight division. Just like he did against Brian Kendrick at Survivor Series. Kalisto could’ve been the face of the Cruiserweight division. If only he was on Monday Night Raw.



This one may seem like a shock to some fans. natalya_bioUnfortunately Natalya has yet again been overshadowed by new, fresh talent on Smackdown Live’s Women’s division. Newcomers such as Alexa Bliss, Carmella and the returning Naomi are dominating the division. The Queen of Harts has slipped into the role of the crazy cat lady and has been completely removed from the Women’s Championship picture. The Raw Women’s division is controlled by Charlotte and Sasha Banks at the moment. With Raw’s top heel Charlotte occupied, Natalya would be the perfect heel and in ring veteran to feud with Bayley. Or even the returning Emmalina depending on whether she debuts as a heel or Babyface. At the moment Natalya would be more useful and entertaining in the Raw women’s division, than promoting her cat’s Instagram on Smackdown Live.  


Dean Ambrose

Alright hear me out on this one. At first I was glad to see Ambrose drafted first at Smackdown Live. At the time it made sense due to the fact that he was WWE World Champion. Now he’s involved in a somewhat interesting storyline with AJ Styles and James Ellsworth. Once TLC has come and gone (Where I predict AJ Retaining the WWE World Championship) I feel that Ambrose will be involved in more stale feuds and lackluster matches. But after the tease of a Shield reunion with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at Survivor Series, Ambrose seems to have a role opening up for him on Monday Night Raw. Teaming up with his old Shield Brothers would give the WWE Universe a blast from the past that would be fresh and entertaining. Since all members of the former faction are now on Babyface runs, it makes sense to have a reunion now more than ever.  


Agree or disagree with these choices? Add a few words in the comments section. We would love to hear your choices of Smackdown Live Superstars that should move to Monday Night Raw.  #TheLunaticLassKicker





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