Below are the results and reaction from this week’s WWE Smackdown, live from Columbia, South Carolina:

Smackdown Women’s Title Contract Signing

Renee Young brings out Alexa Bliss and the champion Becky Lynch. Alexa tell Young to leave pretty much straight away. The champ and challenger exchange verbal jabs, with Alexa mocking Becky’s clothing, and Lynch calling Bliss a Harley Quinn wannabe. Alexa says Becky is only champion because of Irish luck, while Becky compares Alexa to her four-year-old cousin. Lynch states that she was SD’s first female draft pick, and she was SD’s first women’s champion. Alexa comes back by mocking Becky’s nationality. Lynch attacks Bliss, and lands an exploder suplex. She sets up the table and puts Alexa on the top rope. She goes for an exploder suplex from the second rope, but Alexa fights back and pushes Becky through the table.

“Both women did very well here. They both still need work on the mic, but they were still solid here. Alexa plays a very good bitch and Becky is a brilliant babyface, so this feud is very compelling. The brawl was very good too, and the table spot was a nice foreshadowing for later. I also like that this feud is focused on the belt, and not on the women’s personal issues.”

Baron Corbin & The Miz vs. Kalisto & Dolph Ziggler

Corbin and Ziggler start. Baron attacks early on, but Ziggler counters with a dropkick. Corbin came back and controlled Ziggler. He knocks Kalisto off the apron and tags Miz. Miz pulled a ladder out from under the ring, but ate a DDT from Ziggler. Dolph then hit a superkick to Corbin, got back into the ring and tagged Kalisto. Kalisto hit a rana on Miz, but then got caught with a boot. Corbin and Miz continued the assault on Ziggler, before Kalisto dived onto Corbin. Miz is back in the ring, and Kalisto hit him with a salita del sol. Corbin broke up the pin by hitting Kalisto with a steel chair, causing a DQ.

Kalisto and Dolph Ziggler def. Baron Corbin and The Miz via DQ

“Since these two feuds were merged into one segment last week, it made sense that this match was made. The match was nothing special, but served it’s purpose well. Corbin attacking Kalisto with a chair made sense because of their stipulation at TLC, and I’m actually looking forward to both matches this Sunday.”

American Alpha are interviewed backstage. They aren’t scared of the Wyatts, and say they’ll prove why they are the premier team on Smackdown.

The Wyatts appear on screen. Orton says that he used to be like American Alpha, but now he feels he belongs in the Wyatt Family. Wyatt tells Harper to send Kane back where he came from.

Carmella Promo

Carmella is scheduled for a match. She cuts a promo, saying she has a message for Nikki Bella’s boyfriend John Cena. She apologizes for what she’s going to do to Nikki at TLC. She say’s she is going to pop her “Bella twins”, and mess her head up so bad that she’ll forget about marriage. Bella runs to the ring and attacks Carmella. They brawl before Carmella manages to escape.

“No complaints here. Carmella was very bitchy and deserved to be attacked by Nikki. A good way to build towards TLC.”

Ambrose Asylum

Dean Ambrose brings out James Ellsworth. He congratulates James on winning a SD contract. James thanks Ambrose for all of his help. They joke about Ellsworth’s boots and his lack of talent. AJ Styles comes out and mocks Ellsworth. He says that Dean manipulates Ellsworth, and that James is as strong and as smart as a Ventriloquist dummy. Ambrose responds by says Styles has lost three times to a dummy. Styles gets in the ring, and says that Ambrose knows he only lost because of him. AJ wants respect. Ambrose says AJ is gifted, but he’s in Styles’ head. Ambrose insists he will take back what’s rightfully his at TLC. Styles pushes Ellsworth into Ambrose. He throws Ambrose into the steel steps, then beats down Ellsworth. He throws a ladder onto him. He beats him with a chair, and then hits a Styles Clash from the steps to the floor. Ellsworth is attended to by EMTs.

“A good segment, with Styles finally looking strong. The Styles Clash looked very brutal, which was needed since Ellsworth has had his number for weeks. My problem with this feud has been with Ellsworth featuring too much and looking strong over Styles. This week changed that, and I really hope he doesn’t get involved on Sunday.” 

Ellsworth is being loaded into an ambulance. Ambrose is with him and he keeps muttering that this was all his fault.

Luke Harper vs. Kane

Harper started off tying to knock Kane down, but it wasn’t happening. Harper hit uppercuts, but Kane came back with some of his own. Harper went to the outside, got back in and got immediately sent back outside by Kane. Harper took back control, locking Kane in a headlock. Kane attempted a chokeslam, but got cut off. Kane responded with a DDT. Offense from Kane continued, with some clotheslines and a side slam to Harper. Harper returned with a dropkick, and got Kane into the corner. He got on the second rope and repeatedly struck Kane, but Kane countered with a powerbomb. Harper hit a bossman slam, and Kane hit a belly-to-back suplex. Kane went up top, but missed the clothesline. Harper superkicked Kane and went up top. Kane cut him off and landed some uppercuts, before hitting a superplex. Both men swapped blows, but Kane hit a chokeslam for the win.

Kane def. Luke Harper

“This match was surprisingly okay. They actually put on a passable match, but was the finish a problem? I don’t think so. I think Harper losing might work because it might mean Bray Wyatt will be disappointed in him. If they work the result into the new Wyatt Family story then I’m fine with it. But if it means nothing then why not give Harper a big win?”

Becky Lynch is backstage. Renee Young asks her if she will be able to defend her title at TLC. Becky insists she will be fine. Young informs her that her match will now be a tables match. Lynch insists she will beat “that little bitch” Alexa Bliss in any match.

American Alpha vs. The Wyatt Family

The tag team champions Heath Slater and Rhyno are watching backstage. Alpha control the early going, working quick tags. They hit a double dropkick to Bray, sending him to the outside. Wyatt is back in and he dodges a cross body from Jordan. Orton and Wyatt have taken over, keeping Jordan in their corner. Jordan fights back and Gable gets a blind tag. Orton turns around into a high cross body from Chad. He locks Orton in a hanging arm bar on the ropes. He goes up top, but Wyatt knocks him to the floor behind that referee’s back. Wyatt is in, and he hits a DDT to Gable on the apron. Orton is in. Gable tries to fight back, but runs into a snap slam. Wyatt is in, and Gable dropkicks him, but Wyatt hits a big uranage. Orton came in and hit a superplex. This allowed Jordan and Wyatt to make tags. Jordan suplexes Wyatt and Orton. Orton is on the outside, and gets hit with a cannonball from the apron by Gable. Jordan continues to suplex Wyatt, before the usual Wyatt shtick happen. Luke Harper appears at ringside. Wyatt goes to Sister Abigail Jordan, but Gable breaks in up. The Alphas go for grand amplitude, but Orton RKO’s Gable. Jordan charges at Wyatt in the corner, but Harper moves Wyatt out of the way. Bray then hits Sister Abigail on Jason Jordan, then pins him for the win.

The Wyatt Family def. American Alpha

“A very good final match. Wyatt and Orton were the right team to win, as this continues their momentum from Survivor Series. They are also a very interesting pairing, and I’m hoping they win the titles from Slater and Rhyno. Harper getting involved made sense, since he needed to make up for losing to Kane earlier. It’s also nice to see American Alpha in the main event of Smackdown. A nice match, and I hope Orton doesn’t turn on Wyatt any time soon. Their rivalry was pretty meh before his turn, so there is no need to change things now.” 

Slater and Rhyno begin to be interviewed about the Wyatts. AJ Styles interrupts and says nobody cares about the tag division. He is then attacked by Dean Ambrose, and they two brawl it out to end the show.

“Dean getting his heat back now hopefully means AJ will retain at TLC.”

Final Thoughts:

“Smackdown was strong once again this week, and it had to be since Raw was good and TLC is this weekend. I think Smackdown and Raw were on par with each other this week, with Smackdown focusing on story-telling and Raw focusing on the wrestling. Considering there were only three matches on SD this week, the wrestling was pretty good. The main event was very good, and the other two matches were easy-watches. The rest of the night focused on TLC, and they did well to build to Sunday. Styles killing Ellsworth and the final match were highlights. Not really anything wrong either, but there was too much talking. The result to Harper/Kane may be an issue too, depending on what happens in the future. Still, a decent episode. 7.5/10.” 

What did you think of Smackdown this week? Are you excited for TLC this weekend?

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