Congratulations to Sasha Banks for winning her 3rd Raw Women’s Championship this past Monday in a grueling No DQ/Falls count anywhere match against Charlotte. Many were shocked due to the fact that Charlotte lost the title in her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s since been announced that at WWE Roadblock: End of the line on Sunday December 18th that Charlotte will get her rematch against Sasha Banks.

The two Faces of the Raw Women’s division have been juggling the women’s championship for some time now. But is there another challenger stalking the title? The powerhouse Nia Jax took to twitter this week saying “We can be in #FlairCountry or #BossTown but the main event is where I want to be.. It’s where I DESERVE to be. Watch you back ladies. #Raw”.  The Newcomer has dominated NXT over the past year and has made her presence known since joining Monday Night Raw. After failing to gain the NXT Women’s championship several times does she have what it takes to snag the Ultimate prize in the women’s division? Will she get her title opportunity? Will it be against Sasha Banks? Or Charlotte?  We’ll see what the next few weeks have in store.



What do you think 434 fans? Does Nia have what it takes to lead the Raw Women’s division? Let me know in the comments!


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