With the pilot episode of ‘205 Live’ now firmly entrenched in the history books, the Wrestling community has been left with a variety of talking points. Of these talking points, a glaring question emerges surrounding the surprising inclusion of, “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived”, Austin Aries to the 205 commentary team.

Almost immediately, Aries revealed his role as commentator was to help, “scout out the competition”, and declared his intention of claiming the Cruiserweight title upon his return from a fairly nasty facial injury (Orbital Fracture). Despite this, the admission by Aries that he will be competing within the purple ropes of the Cruiserweight division has gone largely overlooked by the Wrestling community at large.

Given the bizarre booking of the current Cruiserweight division;
– The total lack of promo-time awarded
– The seemingly endless pre-show, 6-man tag purgatory for performers not involved in the 1 storyline allowed on RAW
– And the odd, often unexplained pairing of characters (Gulak & Neese?)
Is Austin Aries relegation to the purple program really cause for celebration? Aries arrived in NXT to great fanfare, and despite his size, is an excellent heel who puts on high-calibre matches when called upon.

Barring some form of 205 pound, Brock Lesnar booking, the dominant heel who easily lays waste to fellow Cruiserweight’s (think Gregory Helms year long reign in 2006), I can’t see how this is anything but a demotion for a veteran performer who could otherwise successfully carve out a niche as a solid mid-carder on Smackdown.

Too harsh? Comment below your thoughts?

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