Alexa Bliss To Face Becky Lynch In A Tables Match


It was revealed on Smackdown Live this past Tuesday that Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will be facing Alexa Bliss at the TLC PPV in a Tables match.

Many fans hoped to see the 2 fight in the first ever women’s TLC match, as Smackdown’s comeback to Raw’s first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, but it is still exciting to see 2 very talented women battle in a match typically reserved for the men. The only other women’s tables match that sticks out in my mind is Natalya and Beth Pheonix vs. LayCool, for which the ring was surrounded by normal tables, but had one obnoxiously pink table sitting in the corner, which was eventually used by Natalya to get the win. Hopefully, the match at TLC will surpass the pink table one, which was rather boring and uneventful.

Do you think that a tables match is an appropriate match type for these 2 to settle their feud? Are you looking foreword to this match?