Below are the results and reaction to this week’s NXT, from Ottawa, Canada:

Asuka vs. Nicole Matthews

Asuka goes in early, but Nicole fights of a submission and lands some forearms. This fires up the champ and she hits a hip attack. She lands kicks and swaps between submissions. The Asuka lock is in, and Matthews taps.

Asuka def. Nicole Matthews.

“It was an Asuka squash match, do I need to go on?” 

Samoa Joe is being interviewed backstage. He says he will defeat Nakamura again in Osaka, Japan. Tye Dillinger interupts, and he wants to face Joe. Joe says he doesn’t deserve to face him, so Tye slaps him, leaving Joe furious.

Eric Young vs. No Way Jose

Sanity is at ringside for the match. Jose starts off hot, but Young rolls out of the ring to recover. Sanity attempts to get involved, but Jose isn’t phased. He gets Young back in the ring and whips him over the turnbuckle and back outside the ring. Young manages to turn it around with a neckbreaker on the rope, helped out by a Alexander Wolfe distraction. Young grounds Jose, before locking in a hanging dragon sleep from the second turnbuckle. Jose manages to break a submission, and hits a jawbreaker. He hits some baseball chops and a clothesline. Jose goes for a final blow, but Wolfe gets on the apron. He knocks Wolfe off and manages to throw Young up and land a massive punch. He covers Young, but Cross distracts the referee, preventing the pinfall. Young turns the tables and hits a wheelbarrow neck breaker to pick up the victory.

Eric Young def. No Way Jose

After the match, Nikki Cross hit a dropkick on Jose before Sanity left.

“This match was fine, but it certainly wasn’t memorable. Young going over was the right call, but Sanity didn’t look too strong. Also, I really don’t like when Nikki Cross attacks male members of the roster, since they can’t retaliate and get there heat back. If she attacked members of the women’s division and looked threatening to Asuka, then that would be interesting.” 

Asuka is interviewed backstage, and she is asked about her new attitude. She says she’s the same, but there’s no competition for her in NXT.

Samoa Joe vs. Tye Dillinger 

Tye Dillinger is quickly interviewed before the match, and he says that if he can’t beat Joe, then he doesn’t know if he belongs in NXT anymore.

Tye is quickly on the offensive, repeatedly chopping the champ. Joe responds with some chops of his own. Dillinger comes back, forcing Joe to catch his breath on the outside. Joe is back in, but Tye hits him with ten punches. Joe turns the tables by picking up Dillinger and dropping him on his knee. He continues the assault with kicks and punches, followed by a leg submission on the ropes. Joe slaps Tye, but Tye slaps back. Joe catches Tye for a powerslam. Joe hits more strikes and elbows. Tye tries to come back but Joe keeps his advantage. He continues to work Dillinger’s left knee/leg. Tye starts to come back again, but gets caught in an atomic drop. Dillinger dodges a knee and lands a clothesline. He knees Joe in the chest, then a superkick to the chest. He goes for a Tye Breaker, but Joe counters into a powerbomb. Joe locks Tye in a crab submission, then a crossface, before finally making Tye pass out in a Coquina Clutch.

Samoa Joe def. Tye Dillinger

“This match was pretty good overall. Joe winning was obvious, but him losing would have been wrong. Tye looked valiant not tapping out, and he came close a few times to winning the match. It wasn’t very memorable and probably went on too long, but it was still technically sound. A nice way to end the show.”

Final Thoughts:

“Not a fantastic episode this week, but it was still decent. The main event was good and the other matches were fine. I am bored of Asuka just murdering people, so I really hope they find someone worthy of challenging her soon enough. I feel like the Jose/Sanity feud isn’t over, and hopefully Tye gets a victory against a credible opponent soon. 6.5/10.” 

What did you think of NXT this week? Are you excited for Joe/Nakamura III in Osaka?

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