After a few weeks of erratic promos and telling fans to “FACE THE FACTS!” Curt Hawkins made his anticipated in-ring return at No Mercy 2016. Hawkins didn’t have his first match until a few weeks later against Apollo Crews. He answered Dolph Ziggler’s open Intercontinental Championship challenge on one episode of Smackdown Live a few weeks after that, only to have it end seconds later to Ziggler’s superkick. Since the return fans haven’t seen much of the former Edgehead. His return has been met with disappointment.

curt-tweetRecent social media activity has revealed absolutely nothing abut the future of Curt Hawkins career. The only thing revealed from a recent tweet was that Hawkins was due to continue his rivalry (If you could call it that) with Apollo Crews. A feud that isn’t beneficial to either superstar.


So 434 fans, What would you guys like to see Curt Hawkins doing in the future? Would you like to see him inserted into the intercontinental title picture? Use his veteran in-ring skills to benefit a newer superstar? Continue his feud with Apollo Crews? Let me know in the comments!



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