SmackDown Live’s storylines are superior to Monday Night Raw’s. However, we have to realize the fact that SD’s roster isn’t that deep. If they don’t call up Superstars soon from NXT, Dean Ambrose may run out of wrestlers to feud with. SmackDown storylines will have the same feuds over and over again. Nevertheless, whatever happens after the TLC PPV, Ambrose has to stay strong in the upper mid-card scene. The following could happen after TLC’s World title match:

Plan A: Ambrose loses to AJ Styles at TLC, then forms a tag team with Ellsworth to feud with the Wyatt Family/Slater-Rhyno over the SD Tag Team Titles. ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman discussed once that Ambrose/Ellsworth may be the next Rock ’n Sock Connection. The con to this plan is that American Alpha may take a back seat on the Tag Team Title Scene.

Plan B: Ambrose loses to AJ at TLC; goes back to mid-cardom and fight for the Intercontinental Title against the Miz. There is nothing wrong with Ambrose reclaiming the IC title. It is still a prestigious championship to fight for. Ziggler may have to move on to other things.

Plan C: Win back the WWE World Championship at TLC, then gets a rematch with AJ at the Royal Rumble. This will be an unlikely next step, but we are all at the mercy of SD’s booking staff. I really hope TLC will be the last chapter in this saga for a while.

Plan D: Dean goes on leave to shoot a movie, comes back WrestleMania season… Yeah sure, why not.

Plan Z: Creative screws up the Lunatic Fringe with some irrelevant storyline and may get buried in the process. By a long shot, Dean Ambrose may feud with Ellsworth. But I don’t think that is best for business.

Where does the Ambrose Asylum go from here? Time will tell.

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