The second week of 205 Live continued on from the exciting start the week prior. The show was again centred around the Cruiserweight Title main event between Swann and Kendrick. Let’s go through the show here in our recap.

Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander

Before the match started, we got a reminder of the blossoming romance between Alexander and Alicia Fox. Once the match began, Dar took the control and began to work over the arm of the Charlotte native for a long stretch with an array of vicious strikes and submission holds.

Despite his best efforts, Alexander fell short to the dominant Scotsman. This was a really impressive display from the youngest star in the division, who worked well as the heel. Cedric was gallant in defeat and his selling remained consistent throughout which was good.

Dar’s post match promo was okay, and helped build a bit of hear. The win is what matters though, and that surely sets Dar up as one of the serious contenders of the division. Grade: B

Ariya Daivari vs Jack Gallagher

Doing the same matches over and over again is not going to help either of these guys in the long term, who both have a lot of potential. They did build on the heat they built on Raw, where Daivari injured his rival’s knee, by continuing to spotlight the injury.

Daivari controlled the majority of the match by working over the knee, and picked up the upset win. This doesn’t hurt the Brit too much, as his character will get over regardless, but only wrestling the same guy every time he is on TV won’t help his cause.

A decent match controlled entirely by the heel, but Daivari will need a lot more wins like this to be considered a threat. Grade: C+

Video Packages

The video packages continued this week to introduce some of the lesser known guys in the division, and they worked a treat once more. Mustafa Ali came across as extremely confident in his abilities in the ring; Lince Dorado was not given the same chance to tell his story but was given the coming soon treatment to make him feel ‘special’. Grade: B

Cruiserweight Title Match: Rich Swann (c) vs The Brian Kendrick

Kendrick was full of excuses for losing his title before the match in his backstage interview, but also full of confidence. He continues to be the most rounded character in the division thus far. His intensity and veteran instincts were on full display here as dominated a large portion of the contest.

This delivered just as you would expect, with plenty of back and forth, fast-paced and hard-hitting action. After withstanding Kendrick’s many attempts at victory with the Captain’s Hook, Swann was able to hang on after a distraction from TJ Perkins (who was on commentary) after Swann through the challenger into him at ringside. This was a smart way to continue that rivalry and perhaps lead to a three-way angle. The post-match brawl only furthered this idea.

Swann keeping the title for now is the way to go, and all three men involved in this program are sure to keep putting on good matches. Another good title match for the 205 and under stars. Grade: A

Final Thoughts

This was another episode that delivered some good in-ring action as 205 Live continues its feeling out process. The title scene is enjoyable, but it will be good to see some fresh guys such as Noam Dar in the picture sooner rather than later to keep things fresh. The commentary team are also meshing pretty well thus far. Put this down as another thumbs up for the latest Cruiserweight show. OVERALL GRADE: B

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