As many of you would be aware Tyson Kidd suffered a near death injury over a year ago. Tyson Kidd received a muscle buster from Samoa Joe on a dark match and that’s when everything went wrong. Tyson Kidd says he’ll no longer appear on Total Divas which has surprised many fans has revealed it’s because the company want details surrounding his injury to stay private.

It’s been revealed by Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet that the sources close to Tyson Kidd, have mentioned that he still hasn’t healed from the extremely serious neck injury he suffered last year and is still seriously hurt, which led to WWE pulling him from the show.


Tyson Kidd has revealed on Chris Jericho’s podcast “Talk Is Jericho” that his injury should’ve killed him or left him paralyzed. Many doctors who have looked at his x-rays initially believe they are looking at the x-rays of a paraplegic.

Tyson tweeted last week saying he’d no longer be seen on Total Divas but didn’t explain why to fans on Twitter. This sent fans constantly tweeting him asking for explanations.

Pro Wrestling Sheet revealed on their podcast that the reason why Kidd was removed is because the WWE is worried he’ll open up about the night of his injury, which Bruce Hart spoke about last year in an interview and accused WWE of treating the situation with negligence when it occurred.

When Bruce Hart made this claims many reports on the internet stated otherwise however, Tyson never denied what his family member said. Tyson did however go on to say that he claimed to not have a close relationship with Bruce.


Now that so much time has passed it’s appearing that Kidd has had enough! Tyson Kidd wants to break his silence and talk about what went down on that fateful night but he just can’t due to his WWE contract.

WWE sources are now claiming that the focus of “Season 6 is on new cast members and their significant others who are currently on the roster — so the decision was made to not feature Tyson.”

Ryan Satin went on to say on his podcast that after the injury occured, Tyson told WWE officials backstage how badly he was injured only to be rejected by the agent who said “We aren’t covering a ambulance”. Now with the severity of his injury it seems like WWE is trying to stop this from leaking.

If you would like to see all of this from Pro Wrestling Sheet you can find it here and go to 1:13:15 to listen to the information.

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