WWE have recently been referring to the WWE World Championship as the ‘WWE Championship’ on WWE.com

Three times this major title has had a name change in recent years. The prestigious belt, currently held by AJ Styles in his first reign, was originally dubbed the WWE Championship. After the two major belts, the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship were unified back in 2013, the single belt was renamed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to reflect it’s two predecessors’ respective names.


The now SmackDown Live exclusive Championship went through another name change during the brand split, as RAW introduced it’s major title, the Universal Championship. The belt, currently named to ‘WWE World Championship’, may be looking towards it’s fourth change going into 2017, going back to it’s roots and initial name.

I personally don’t see the point of all these name changes. It’s hard to keep up with, and everyone I know just refers to the damn thing as the “WWE Title”. Terminology has never been my cup of tea though. But, as always, I trust their decisions.

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