Reason Why WWE Fired Tom Casiello

Tom Casiello was recently fired from the company. The reason of course was anyone’s guess, until now.

Casiello, a member of the creative team was fired earlier this week. What made this story so intriguing was his part in heavily pushing the Women. So much so, that the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte main event at HIAC was his doing.


Casiello was well liked in the WWE, especially with the female division. No one was said to be so passionate about the Women than him.

It was learned that his release was purely because of ‘budget’ reasons. It’s been well documented that WWE have been undertaking a budget cut, which is the same reason for Lita”s release and Jerry Lawlers’ disappearance from the Kick-off show, although Lawler is still signed to do on-air events if needed.

It should also be noted no one is taking over his job. It’s considered an unneeded role and he won’t be replaced.

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