It’s The talk of the town lately is Wrestling Podcasts and how fantastic they are! But the question that follows after that is “Do you listen to more podcasts than watch wrestling?”

We’ve spoken to many fans on our facebook page and conducted a little pole ourselves and found out that 40% of people who used to watch Raw every single week simply listen to Podcasts. The Raw viewership is decling and the three hours isn’t helping at all, however it appears the podcast world is thriving with thousands and thousands of listeners joining each day.

We decided to give the fans a little top 5 Wrestling Podcasts they need to seek out and enjoy for your audio pleasure!

1) Bruce Pritchard & Conrad Thomas “Something to Wrestle with” – A podcast I only recently stumbled upon but found it to be fantastic right from the start. ,Conrad hosts the show and definitely does his research and prepare his questions well as he and Bruce tackle a subject or person and discuss it openly for a few hours. Some great insider perspective into the business you don’t want to miss this one.

2) Chris Jericho “Talk is Jericho” – Twice a week Chris Jericho hits the podcast airways to deliver a fantastic interview each week! From wrestling stars, musicians, movie stars, and general popcultcha talent Chris Jericho brings the entertainment. Chris is such a great host that he can interview someone you generally wouldn’t know or like but end up laughing and enjoying the heck out of the episode! Some of my personal favourite episodes weren’t even with wrestling stars! However, if Jericho has Gallows and Anderson on it for Talking’ Shop it’s going to be a piss your pants laugh out loud moment.

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