This is a question I have asked myself since they started her hype on Monday Night Raw!  Where exactly is she going to fit in?  Can they have another few months of squash matches now that Nia Jax and Bayley have moved on, so that Emmalina can do something?  Who else is there for her to feud with other then Alicia Fox or Dana Brooke on Raw?

Both female divisions are lacking now that they are split, both divisions need more competitors or we will continually get the same stories (or in Raw’s case, keep Sasha and Charlotte going at it for months on end!).

Emmalina is going to be forgotten about on Raw in the next few weeks.  During the lead up to Wrestlemania, when she should be in one of the main stories she will be forgotten about and shoved on a pre-show match again.  Whereas, on Smackdown Live she can flourish.  She can have the opportunities that she has been craving, that she has been deserving off.

We all know that the women on Raw are the ones they are wanting to showcase more, and the Smackdown ones have the veterans (Nikki + Natalya) and the crop of new upcoming talent which will one day be the face of Raw’s Women’s Division.  So why not give Emmalina the chance we all want her to have.  Think of the rivalries, she can finish her feud with Becky Lynch when Becky is out of the title picture, she can lock it up with Naomi, Natalya and Nikki before going up against the champion and becoming the new Smackdown LIVE! Women’s Champion!

She will be lost on Raw and I am upset at the thought that she won’t be utalized.  Who knows, they may know that they are in a pickle by postponing her debut. I hope Raw have an amazing plan in place for her, or do the right thing and have her show up on Smackdown!

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