Undertaker returned on the 900th episode of Smackdown to put the blue brand stars on notice that he was back…however, we have yet to see him since.

Well, according to the Observer, there are still no plans set in stone for the Deadman’s match at this years Wrestlemania. TherWWWWWEEWWWWWWWWe are a few options being tossed up, and one of them may not impress a lot of fans.

The talk at the moment is that Taker could be a candidate to win the Royal Rumble this year and the big story at WrestleMania could be his challenging for a title, either Cena with the SmackDown title or Reigns with the Universal championship.

The Cena vs Taker match has been talked about for years on end, and while giving it the title would certainly make it the undoubted main event, it perhaps doesn’t need it.

The strange one is a potential match against Roman Reigns for the Universal title, as it seems to have come from left-field. It would definitely upset a lot of fans to see Reigns win yet another world title, and this is another match that probably wouldn’t need the title.

What do you think? Would Styles and Owens be hard done by to lose their titles solely to justify Taker can go on last at the biggest show of the year?

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