Believe it or not, WWE higher-ups are still very high on Bray Wyatt

Despite recent booking over the past couple of years, WWE officials are still very high on Bray Wyatt who has been booked poorly for the majority of his WWE career thus far. Officials believe that Wyatt could very well be the next Undertaker of the business, and they aren’t wrong. Wyatt has proved he can put on a show and can sell tickets.

Wyatt hasn’t won a singles match at WrestleMania yet, putting over John Cena and this year, didn’t get a match on the card at the biggest show of the year, but the original plan was to have him feud with Triple H leading up to this year’s SummerSlam event, and have him take on an anti-authority gimmick, there is no word on if he would’ve won this feud but it appears as it may have been put on hold for now.

You can catch Bray Wyatt on Tuesday Night’s on Smackdown Live, where he is currently feuding with Randy Orton.

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