Dean Ambrose Should Not Have Won The Intercontinental Title

Last night on Smackdown Live, Intercontinental Champion The Miz faced off against Dean Ambrose for the title.

The two had been having issues for the past few weeks, and it escalated after the champ got Ambrose’s real life girlfriend Renee Young involved.

After a reasonably fun back-and-forth main event, Ambrose captured the prestigous title for the second time. As a fan favourite, the crowd erupted to see the cowardly champion dethroned and their hero be the one to do it.

The issue here is that Ambrose is, for this writer anyway, reaching the point of overexposure. A definite upper midcard guy, the former Shield star has been given every opportunity to prove himself as the top star on the blue brand and the company as a whole…but hasn’t quite gotten to that elite level.

His character work is more often goofy than dangerous; his ring work above-average at best. This is not a knock on Ambrose entirely, as this may just be the character he is being asked to portray on screen.

Have a look over on Raw, and one of the biggest issues is the overexposure of main event talent such as Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. While Smackdown has consistently being a better product,

Ambrose is reaching that level-his continued placement in title pictures and now as champion takes away from other talent who could really do with a title opportunity. Ambrose is a guy who is going to remain over with fans whether he holds a title or not, so the decision to end The Miz’s enjoyable title reign was probably the wrong one.

Ask yourself this: when you complain about Roman Reigns and the way he is constantly pushed down our throats on Raw, do you realise that Ambrose is essentially the same on Smackdown? Not to mention the fact that Reigns probably delivers better performances inside the ring on a more consistent basis.

Not everyone needs a title to be a big star, and Ambrose as Intercontinental champ at this stage is a step in the wrong direction.

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LJ O'Loughlin

  • Jamill Payne

    The Diffrence is Amborse is entertaing and thrives in the role he is given. Roman Reigns as is has the chrisma of a wooden plank and seems uncomfortable. I really don’t buy Reigns is better in the ring. Not when he does his signture move 15 times a match.

  • Bryan Batcher

    To use a metaphor, you can’t rape the willing.

    The “shoved down our throats” argument doesn’t apply when the guy is constantly cheered