Bring It To The Table: WWE’s Response To The Smarks

We are in the WWE’s reality era. It has been that way since maybe 2014 when the YES! movement started. WWE is realizing that social media has been slowly changing the game of booking decisions. Management is getting more feedback from the WWE universe regarding the product. Bring It To The Table is original content programming has been conceptualized to at least help address this feedback.

Peter Rosenberg, Paul Heyman, and JBL are the hosts of this program. Rosenberg is tasked to speak for us, the ‘fans,’ the consumers of the product. He summarizes what social media discusses. Paul Heyman is the corporate guy, more of like management’s position towards the issue. JBL is well, another corporate guy. There is a shade of kayfabe in this show becuase, you know, kayfabe must not die.

Here are the topics they talked about:

  • Reducing Raw from 3 to 2 hours: JBL defends it being 3 hours because of the Cruiserweight division. TV contracts are also at play here. Simply put, more hours on-air, more revenue for the company.
  • 205 Live after Smackdown being not a good idea due to kids needing to go home early: JBL says that if 205 live is not hot with the crowd, then it should not be there. However, JBL still believes in the 205 Live product.
  • Sasha vs Charlotte feud is devaluing the title: Heyman says these 2 superstars redefined the women’s division.
  • WWE acknowledges that Smackdown is the better brand.
  • Halle Berry & Ric Flair riding Space Mountain
  • Conor McGregor comments against WWE are all a publicity stunt
  • Hulk Hogan being persona non grata. WWE is open for Hogan to come back.
  • JBL and Heyman defends Cena’s part time schedule
  • Addressing Bret Hart’s comments on Seth Rollins and Michael Hayes.
  • Ellsworth draws ratings that is why he is still there

The WWE Network needs more content like these. It engages with the fans.

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